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Discussion in 'On The Field' started by BigWill, Oct 30, 2012.

  1. BigWill

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    what if Mack, immediately after the bowl game, announces that Diaz has resigned/been reassigned, and that he has managed to convince Jerry Gray to come "home", and has given him full control over the D and the D staff.

    Will that quiet the anti-Mack crowd?
  2. SabreHorn

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    Two problems with that scenario:

    1) Not sure Diaz will stay around for the bowl game.

    2) Either Jerry Gray or Bill Bradley would be better than we've had on our sideline since Leon Fuller. Not sure Bill wants the headaches at his age. Something between MB and Gray that has kept it from happening before.

    Things are not good at 2100 San Jacinto and don't show signs of improving.

    Mack Brown did what I thought was impossible when he reunited the single most factionalized fan base in NCAA history. He needs to continue to play CEO and let his COO and CFO do their jobs.
  3. gahornphan

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    Mack retires, John Gruden is hired, brings in Mike Singletary as defensive coordinator.
  4. #2is#1

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    What if Chizk came back
  5. El Sapo

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  6. caryhorn

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    I like Jerry Gray and Bill Bradley. I think they should be considered for a position higher than DC.

  7. Branyon

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    Did Bradley ever earn a college degree? I recall reading that he hadn't thus negating any opportunity to coach at Texas.
  8. jmtamu

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    I support this.
  9. Hook 'Em Danno

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  11. Statalyzer

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    Gray is not going to be a popular choice with a lot of people who have a say-so in the decision because of what happened last year.
  12. orangecat1

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    I'll join the what iffers. What if Mack loses the next five games? At 6-7, I dont' think it matters, I think Mack is gone.

    What if Mack goes 10-2 heading into a bowl game, he's back with entire staff, imo.

    The real answer, it's all up to the football gods in these last five games.

    These games could be real close, with the exceptions of KSU and Tech.

    I've read recently that Mack has been in the defensive meetings, so he is going to try to preserve that $5 million a year gig, just like any of us would do.

    I keep changing my mind on record, but since I've read the Mack in the D meetings thing, I think that's worth one win, don't know where.

    So, 7-5, bowl game, Manny leaves, Mack gets one more year. I guess that's my final prediction, at least for now.
  13. coolhorn

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    It would change nothing, because Mack is much more the problem than Manny. Yeah...Diaz is probably gone, but if Mack's the head coach to start next season, this team gets worse, not better...and I don't see Mack firing himself. It's gonna have to come from above, and I'm not sure Dodds has the cojones.
  14. wadster

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    Mack is ultimately the problem, but Diaz is just a friggin idiot. Having all your D lineman stand up and then get blown off the line because they have no leverage is just stupid. Go take statics dude. You'll learn about forces and how they behave. A guard coming out of a 3 point stance is going to blow up a lineman standing up. Our D line has no chance. Yea, sometimes they can get extra penetration if they can avoid the OLineman all together, but if they get blocked, it's ugly.
  15. Rex Kramer

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    No, it will not quiet us. Unless he miraculously finishes the season with 10 wins including bowl game. Even then, I'd be much happier with his retirement, satisfied with his season salvage and going out on a somewhat positive note, leaving a new HC to decide exactly who will be the new DC. While I am spitballing here I'd like that new coach and Dodds to do every thing in their power to retain Harsin and be substantially less meddlesome in the O's affairs than Mack.
  16. agssuk

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    As long as its the new coaches decision to retain Harsin, thats a good thing. My expierence in head football coaches are the most stubborn people on the planet. They dont like to be told or "requested" to retain someone if'in they dont want to. Didnt we ask or more or less demand that Makovic keep Leon Fuller. That lasted a year I think and ended with philosophical differences. Fulled wanted to play defense.
  17. blonthang

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    Sometime, and that sometime is probably soon, all of this will start to affect recruiting, Mack's saving grace.

    Poor management and coaching of great talent is one thing.

    Poor management and coaching of average talent is another.
  18. IvanDiabloHorn

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    Hire Dave Campo as DC. That would do it.
  19. scottyhorn

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    The Sad part Mack is not going anywhere since he runs the program. Mack will win a few more games if he is lucky and make some coaching changes at DC and another horrible football season in the books.
  20. Brad Austin

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    IMO, we go 2-2 last 4...beating both ISU and TCU on our home field...finish at 8-4 before the bowl game. And it's likely we win the bowl game as a lower record like that usually lands only a semi-good opponent that is quite beatable.

    At 9-4, I don't think Mack is in danger whatsoever. To be honest I heard MANY Horns fans predict a 3 to 4 loss season before it all began. No one expected the defensive collapse though which has caused the major unrest. But the vibe in August was next year is the year. After a 9-win season and a uncommonly high amount of players returning, I don't think there is any way in hell they even consider letting Mack go. And Mack won't leave on his own before the 2013 season that provides his best chance for high success in a while.

    Diaz would probably be the only possible casualty. But I'm still not sure Mack will make a change here. With the very high defensive success the year before, I think Mack will lean on the idea that there is no way in hell Diaz just became ****** in a year, and it's not all his fault.

    At 9-4 with a bowl victory...I believe the status quo will be kept for the sake of staff and system continuity going into 2013. Changing a big position like a DC involves a lot of new learning and unfamiliarity from players. Instead, the company line for the off-season will be "we are breaking down the defensive problems from square 1 and getting this thing fixed with the right players and schemes".

    At 8-5 or worse, Diaz will likely get the can. Not sure Mack would suck that one up and ignore the uproar of the fanbase after a 5-loss season.
  21. Bluff Horn

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    Jerry Gray won't happen. He burned some bridges recently.
  22. dillohorn

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    Jerry Gray would dump UT again in a heartbeat once the NFL came along with another offer. Screw him.
  23. horninchicago

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  24. SabreHorn

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    Quick fox is to write a large check payable to Dick Twomey. He is more respnsible for that 2005 NC than any coach of staff and he left before the season started. His discipline and toughness on hte defensive side of the ball in 2004, really changed the mindset of that 2004 teama nd carried over to 2005. We totally lack that toughness (mentally or physically) now. Give Dick a million and turn him loose.
  25. Texas Taps

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  26. HI_McDunnough

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    This team needs a new head coach. They are under coached and are playing soft. This comes from the top down. Getting new coordinators will not fix this problem. We need a new head coach to bring in a new perspective. He should be allowed to bring in whoever he wants on his new staff.
  27. giveemhell

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    It’s always puzzled me that Mack didn’t offer Gray the DC position. Gray had long wanted to reunite with his alma mater, and had a strong interest in coaching younger players. When offered the assistant coach position, I don’t think he fully appreciated at the time that he would be expected to spend a good part of his time recruiting in west Texas (which was to be his territory). I attended a luncheon where he spoke soon after the hire, and I remember wondering how he was going to feel answering to a DC 10 years younger (and far less experienced) than him, and how he was going to feel driving those lonely roads of west Texas. Once the reality sunk in, and Tennessee came calling, I think he realized that the opportunity at Tennessee was a much better fit. Sad.
  28. Statalyzer

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  30. Bronco

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    I think a head coach can only fire his assistants once in an effort to improve. MB already played that card.

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