Immigrant trick-or-treaters

Discussion in 'Quackenbush's' started by D_Wreck11, Nov 1, 2007.

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    First of all, we call them "imports," as in they are imported in from surrounding areas to safely trick or treat. I would say on an average Halloween night 75% of our kids are imports.

    Last night we had about 100 kids. Maybe 20 were local kids, all of whom we recognize and know, and all of whom were pretty much done by 7:45.

    The imports were steady from about 8 to 9. I shut it down at 9:15. We have a big yard haunt, dress up, and really try and make it fun. I couldn't give two shits where they kids are from, I think Halloween is great and want them to enjoy it.

    I'd say less than 1/3rd of our neighborhood participates by offering candy.
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    For the Vanpoolers... Not only are they raiding other neighborhoods, but THEY ARE NOT HOME to give out candy in their OWN neighborhoods.

    Maybe if so many of them would stay home, their own neighborhoods WOULD be more desirable to go trick-or-treating.

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    If I even remotely suspect the trick-or-treaters are from another neighborhood, or even worse, another country, I spray them with the water hose and throw rocks at them. Halloween was intended for American kids. That's why we have it in America.
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    "raiding other neighborhoods"..

    jeez, you'd think you were handing out diamond rings and gold coins.. it's friggin' candy.

    Let the kids enjoy one night out of the year. Did you ever stop and think why they come into your neighborhood? Count your blessing and give them a few snack sized snickers. I think you can spare a few.
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    They live in an apartment complex in Alief. It isn't exactly the safest thing to be rolling around Alief at night, in a big apartment complex.

    Would y'all be happier if they got hit in a drive by? They aren't coming because they need the candy to resell on Ebay for Chrissakes. It's just parents wanting their kids to have a safe and fun Halloween.
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    Here's my "immigrant trick-or-treaters" story--
    It was around 10 pm last night, and we hadn't had any trick-or-treaters for a good hour. All of a sudden, RoundhouseSpouse and I hear loads and loads of young kids' voices being pretty loud. We look outside and there's a big truck parked across the street and some kids running around. We see our neighbor on the phone and Spouse went to investigate. Turns out, these kids were doing SOMETHING unknown on the neighbor's lawn and woke up their 3-year-old, who was crying. Neighbor told kids it was too late for them to be there. One of the kids gave him the finger. Neighbor went to talk to whoever was driving the truck and said, "first of all, there are too many kids in the back of your truck" (there were about 15). Person responded, "We're wetbacks." Neighbor says, "well, you need to go now" and got no immediate response so then said he was going to call the cops. Once he got on the phone, they took off.

    Don't know the point of telling this story, but it pissed me off.
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    Once again, I don't blame the kids at all. I do fault the parents, though.

    Maybe I was just raised differently. If I were to go over to my friends house (when I was 10) at around 5pm knowing that they were having my favorite for dinner at 6pm. That would be rude. That would be NERVY of me. My parents all the time would chastise me for such a maneuver because I wasn't INVITED. I would be presuming upon my neighbor which at best is selfish and nervy of me. Now if said neighbor had invited me ahead of time KNOWING that it was my fave dish... entirely different set of circumstances. Then I be the gracious guest.

    Concerning halloween...I shouldn't have the expectation that I'm feeding half of Texas... just my neighbors who have an implicit understanding of being 'invited'.

    In actuality, it wasn't that bad this year or last.... but it is a possibility of being a huge problem. As it is I had about 100 kids about 60 of which were released out of vans and pickup trucks. I just thought this would be an interesting discussion and I wanted to see what others thought. It's not a big deal YET... but it could be soon... and it looks like it already is in some DFW neighborhoods.

    Just my 2 cents.
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    Sorry so many of you were put out for 3 ******* hours of the year by little kids who, through no fault of their own, were dealt a ****** hand in life and will struggle to rise above their parents (or single parent's) socio-economic level. These kids likely come from tougher neighborhoods where it might not even be safe to trick or treat. This is one night where they can go to a nice, safe neighborhood, and have big smiles on their faces.

    You should be flattered that they want to come to your neighborhood, and you should count your lucky stars that your kids (if you have them) won't have to do this.

    -- The Lakewood Liberal
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    When I was a kid the whole point of the night was to see who could hit up the most houses and score the most loot. That usually entailed our neighborhood AND the surrounding niehgborhoods. Sometimes parents would drive us to the surrounding neighborhoods so we wouldn't be walking or riding or bikes on the bigger roads. Or sometimes we would drive over to a friends house/neighborhood and trick or treat there in addition. It's only candy. A few more bags won't break the bank. Not if everyone lives in such lavish houses that are the apparent envy of all around.
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    I always make the immigrant kids dig a ditch in the yard before I give out the candy.
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    **** some of you people are uptight... it is a fun night for kids.... they are supposed to have a good time and get tons of candy...

    that being said, not everyone lives in a nice traditional neighborhood... what are kids who live in apartments or condos supposed to do?? not get **** for trick or treating?? it's not their fault they don't live in a better area...
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    Did they say "trick or treat" in English or another language?
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    We used to specifically target the apartments down the street because each door was no more than a few steps from the next.

    I can remember when that bastard put the cyanide in the pixie sticks and changed Halloween forever. We used to have to carefully time when to go home so that we got as much candy in a brown paper bag without it busting. If it busted, it was like a pinata had been broken open. All your candy was fair game.
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    does paying more HOA dues mean one's snickers squares are more super allsome?
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    I wish kids would wait to get home and litter their own house instead of dropping empty wrappers all over the neighborhood.

    buncha savages in this town.
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    One of our papers - the Rocky Mountain News - directs kids to our neighborhood (and others). The Link

    I enjoy seeing the kiddos in their costumes. We ran through about 32 pounds of candy by 8, then shut off the lights. We really didn't have any problems with late doorbell ringers. We had a caravan of cars, however, from 5-9 that reminded me of the neighborhood I grew up in Arlington during Christmas.

    I did enjoy seeing the neighbors and their kids. But I also enjoyed the kiddos from other neighborhoods. Halloween was always fun for me as a kid - probably my favorite holiday. I always felt safe walking around when I was a kid, so all the kids in coming to my neighborhood gives me some pride.

    Our trick or treaters were well behaved and, most, said thank you (which is huge for kids, who can be excited or shy). I lived in Washington Park before moving to the new neighborhood and had only a few trick or treaters every year. I like the constant stream much better. But again, this is one of my favorite holidays.
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    I'm thinking the OP has stayed away from their creation on porpoise... this has really grown some legs.

    Apartments should be great places to go for the T&T because of the great concentration of doors.

    We have a motion controlled front porch light & my wife (much to my repeated arguments to the contrary) decided she WOULD light the pumpkin candle (she carved a kitty cat face & used pipe cleaners for whiskers). Talk about your mixed signals... the way I see it, a decorated doorway means you are expecting a visitor.

    Problem is, we weren't there. We took the little ones to my in-law's so they could see the two of them in costumes & then off to my sis-in-law's so she could see them also.

    Since Sig Pic was whining about it, so we let her hit up 2 or 3 houses in the sis' area.

    @ OUR house, though, we weren't there. I suggested we place our front porch 'bistro' table right in front of the step with the pumpkin on it - maybe that would get the idea to not ring or knock, but she had visions of a beat up pumpkin (in which case I wouldn't have lit it & left it on the porch bench).

    In the new(er) neighborhood next to us, a truck pulling a trailer pulled up. Our 'hood (est. around '80 or so) averages no more than $ 175,000.00 per & the new one (first house probably broke ground 2 years ago) is more like $ 350,000.00 with about 60% of them 2 story & 3x the square footage. We drove the 1-1/2 block up the road so Sig Pic could do a trick or treating @ my wife's cousin's house in this neighborhood.

    So, this trailer (with hay bales for seating) pulls up & I swear it was like the Marines landing on Iwo. Seal Team 6 couldn't have done it any better. I don't have a clue as to where it originated, but these locusts in costume fanned out like it wasn't their first beach head traversed.

    Another "!!! shame on you" was this house she was walking up to (we weren't ever more than 6 ft. behind her)... 4 kids ran up & saw a metal tub about 9" high & 16" across. They all went after it like hostage lives depended on a trade for Sweet Tarts & Blow Pops... not a single thing left & I think this was the first visit anyone made to it (this was around 7:20). I was going to grab them & make them return a large chunk of stuff but my wife said to let it go...

    Let's see, what else.

    All the black these kids are wearing & I think I saw TWO flashlights & ONE light stick. Super safe there, knuckleheads. Some of us have to drive (like taking kids to visit) & you sure aren't helping with that dangerous action.

    Oh, yeah - to all the people who crack their door to look out & then STILL while wearing a fright mask scream to scare a 2-1/2 year old girl dressed as Little Red Riding Hood, you're an ***.

    Thankfully, @ one of them when the guy raised his mask she said "You're scarier without the mask on."

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    I live on the block that the whole town brings their kids to. I just ignored the door bell. Trick or treat in your own neighborhood..
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    That does it, next year I'm wearing my Border Patrol costume and demanding to see passports and social security cards from any and all trick or treaters.
  28. candy is retarded expensive.... almost $5 for ONE bag of milky ways.

    so instead...

    i was handing out condiments of relish and mustard. the best dressed kids got the fancy ketchup.

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    GOO, you weren't handing out WhatABurger tubs, were you??

    Don't you remember? We'rer doing a collection & sending 'em to Mac.

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    I enjoy giving candy to anyone who comes to my door. The kids love it and it's great to see them smile and be happy. I get lots of kids from other neighborhoods and I am perfectly happy giving candy.

    Just don't steal my lawnmower again.

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