Immigrant trick-or-treaters

Discussion in 'Quackenbush's' started by D_Wreck11, Nov 1, 2007.

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    What have you done, D_Wreck11? What have you done?
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    Thank you Washpark, that is cool. More people like you on Halloween. [​IMG]
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    If you dont like immigrants around your property, get a dog and train it to keep them off. Works pretty well for me.
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    Next year give them candy from a pinata that's been cracked open. [​IMG]
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    I'm probably going to hell for this..
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    you made me cry tchookem.
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    I think we found GAP kid's bastard children.
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    Well, I guess I'm a Halloween Grinch! As stated previously, Halloween is my favorite holiday, way higher than Christmas, but I'd rather go to a haunted house (I pray I will calm down by next Halloween) than stay at home dealing with the doorbell all night. Two reasons:

    1) I swear I say this in all seriousness, but I've given up on Trick-or-Treaters because Trick-or-Treaters have given up on me. Three years ago, our first as homeowners, I stayed home and gave out candy. a) I live in a very large neighborhood (eventually over 4000 houses) but I had maybe 20 kids over 4 hours. The houses here range from $80k to $300k. According to our community message board, the people in the bigger houses saw on average about 150 kids. b) There are so many "safer" places such as festivals, churches, and malls that the number of t&t'ers has gone down.

    2) My house is not well-constructed for it. The family room is in the back of the house down a long hall. I have a front formal living room with no TV which is where I sat that first year. I tried answering the doorbell from the family room (Sidenote: Mr. LLB was in class that night so I was on my own) but the kids would start walking away before I got to the door. So actually I dragged a chair up and sat right by the door for 4 hours. I even bagged 100 little party loot bags, each with a Snickers, a 3 Musketeers, a Skittles, and a lollipop. I was so bored and disappointed that I just don't want to do it again. If I had had a steady stream of kids, that would have been very worth it. But if they don't think I'm worth it, then they're not worth it. I actually would've been thrilled to have immigrants come to my street but they were all at the rich houses. And I had better candy!! [​IMG]
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    Childhood is dead. Little kids should just forget about having innocent fun and move straight ahead into casual sex.
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    We haven't had any trick-or-treaters in four years. We had to take our exchange student to downtown McKinney so she could see some little kids all dressed up.
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    I'm still flabbergasted at the premise of trick-or-treat discrimination. It's universal; if you are a kid, put on a costume, have a bag, and ring a doorbell, you are legally entitled to candy and all the benefits ancillary and included therein, regardless of your point of origin, whether it is the house next door or you've just made the commute from Paramus, NJ. That's just how it is. It's the code, man. They're kids.
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    but what about those not in costumes? I'm sick as **** of all the sullen boys age 8 and up who are too cool to put on a costume but not too cool to demand free ****.
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    that's what the bag of charcoal by the door is for. [​IMG]
    I wouldn't sweat it. The little vagrant began regretting it on 11/1. It only cost you maybe 20 seconds.

    btw, we'll probably be migrants next year when my oldest should be ready for it. Street's dark, houses are kind of far apart, and the tot'r traffic has been trending downward as a result; which just discourages people from being open for business, year over year. Kind of a vicious circle.
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    I want to put a fence up around my house with armed guards, if anyone makes it across the border I know they are immigrants.
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    Somebody hit you with "Truco o trato. Huela mis pies. Déme algo bueno comer."???
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    Give 'em Chicklets.
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    This thread is all sorts of allsome. I found all of the sarcastically racist comments hilarious. [​IMG]


    Last year, we had a couple of groups of late nighters (9:30 and beyond), and we gave one lady (who had a big group of kids) a beer. We're on the east side and she earned it, dammit. She came back this year, but we were unfortunately out. [​IMG]
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    I know I'm going against the grain by asaying this, but I had "real" immigrant trick-or-treaters, and yes I was sure that they were not US citizens.

    I lived in Laredo, and you could tell by the gigantic van or pickup truck with mexican plates that would pull up front of the house and have about 6-10 kids come out asking for candy.

    Some kids wouldn't even be dressed up, they'd just stand there with a bag and look at you expecting candy. Some wouldn't even say "trick or treat," probably because they didn't know how. We gave candy to them, but the ones that pissed me off were those that were clearly too old to be doing this, or sometimes the parents who would put a bag out while holding their infant child in one arm, as if they were gathering candy to give to the baby to choke on...
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    it's pretty simple, if these kids had maps then they would know where to go and the US Americans could trick or treat where they were supposed to and the chinese and the iraq and such could also get candy because the world needs candy
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    Umm, no. If kids needed daylight, they would start as soon as school was out and go until sundown. Instead, they start at dusk or dark, which was an hour later this year. And, therefore, an hour closer to the magic hour of 9:00 or so when the lights go off.
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    i have solved the problem, instead of typical halloween decoration that i put up in previous years, this year i put up a barbed wire fence along the front yard with a sign that said united states border. the kids could still walk up the path to the front door but on each side stood two scare crows dressed as border guards.
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    I grew up out in the country and we'd drive to town and get as much loot as possible. And we'd knock well past dark.

    As for the immigrant trick-or-treaters, didn't the Mexican government print fliers telling people where to get the best candy? That should be a violation of NAFTA or something.

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