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    Nobody who voted republican their entire life would have voted for Obama or any of these extremists now representing the DNC. Bubba might be a bot.
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  2. Joe Fan

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    Ive learned I need to post "Trigger Warnings" with Tucker Carlson segments

    Here, proof Dems stole Scott Adams' line
    It is always amazing to me how these supposed political leaders of the free world wait each morning to be told what to say that day and then they dutifully march forth, like a bunch of Stepford Wives, and say it

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    And yet they employ the term "dog whistle" and "talking points" to accuse Republicans of speaking in code to get their message out to their constituents. Yet, the coordination of the Liberal message is very obvious. They have their own dog whistles and talking points.
  4. bystander

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    From the articles of impeachment:

    "Wherefore President Trump, by such conduct, has demonstrated that he will remain a threat to national security and the Constitution if allowed to remain in office, and has acted in a manner grossly incompatible with self-governance and the rule of law. President Trump thus warrants impeachment and trial, removal from office, and disqualification to hold and enjoy any office of honor, trust, or profit under the United States."

    This is absolute trash, is not a valid reason for impeachment and flies in the face of the incompetence we saw from Jimmy Carter and Barack Obama concerning our national security.
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  5. Joe Fan

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    That is one thing about them that I think the majority is catching onto. Usually they are already doing what they accuse others of doing. There is some dark psychology at work there.
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    I voted for George 1, I voted for Perot, W., etc. I defended W. significantly. I'm no historical lefty. This guy is historical in a different way.
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    I listened to Rush in the early 90's before he went off the deep end. I listened to some kooky right wing late night radio when commuting for grad school. I was convinced that Bill and Hillary were evil. "Shock and awe" was where I diverged from the right. Horrible policy that will haunt us for decades.
  8. bystander

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    I'm not a war mongerer. I just object to the Democrats pretending it was all George Bush when Hillary voted for the Iraq War Resolution. I don't listen to Rush. I know he's one-sided. He has some good points but it's been years since I've heard him. Maybe it's because I have a career? :)

    The thing is, the American people were hearing from both parties that Hussein had WMD. All the quotes are out there from Bill Clinton and Al Gore. The American people were made to believe this guy was a threat. Did Bush push the propaganda envelope? It sounds like he did. In fact, I voted for Nadar in 2004 because we found no WMD in Iraq. I remember the unequivocal speeches made by Bush, Cheney and Rumsfeld about the WMD. Did Hussein hide them? Did he pretend he had some to keep Iran guessing? I think we know he possessed some mustard gas and other horrible chemicals. I think we know he was motivated to develop nuclear weapons. But so was/is North Korea and we have not attacked them. So it was a strategic decision THAT HILLARY BOUGHT INTO. Even Jimmy Carter once declared that our access to ME oil was a matter of national security. He said that in the context of the cold war but it still holds based upon how we human beings live our lives of comfort.
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  9. OUBubba

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    I think he had WMD. He moved them to Syria. Shock and awe not only killed thousands of innocents, but, by doing so, it helped create more future terrorists. That's been my issue with Rumsfeld, Cheney, and Bush.

    They almost all bought into it. I blame the people who facilitated the lies. I don't blame the people who believed the lies. I believed the lies.

    I actually give Bill Clinton as much blame for the rise of Al-Q. The problem since 9-11 is that we responded exactly as they would predict that we'd respond. Their goal was to pull us into the middle east. They succeeded.
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    The fact that there were no WMDs, which W was assured there were from the very same career types who are crying now, points to why Trump is and was justified in his skepticism in what these people say.

    Dems cry foul that W listened to the intelligence then. Now, they cry foul that Trump goes against what they say and is skeptical, and goes off the script that was written for his Zelensky call.

    Can't make it up.
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  11. bystander

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    Did you see this?

    Michelle Obama Talks Bond with George W. Bush After Controversy Over Him Sitting with Ellen

    What do you make of it? We've seen pictures of Michelle hugging Bush. She is not acting like he is a war criminal who should be hanged. Yet so many Liberals on the street are skewering her just like they attacked Ellen DeGeneres.

    I just think it's too one-sided. Why was Hillary attacked for her Iraq War Resolution vote by Barrack (in the 2008 primary) and then forgiven by the Left when it was her turn to be President?

    Then they are "shocked" by Trump. It's a joke to me. A sick sad joke.
  12. bystander

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    Those are all good points. I have objected to the idea that we fight a just war. We all know that innocent people will die once we attack. The collateral damage is real and once a family member is killed then you've made a new enemy. There is no doubt about that.

    I felt some justification to attack Afghanistan but not Iraq (referring to the second time around). I felt the inspections were keeping Hussein bottled up. I was under no illusion that he was the enemy. HOWEVER, I do recall that Bush et al tried to tie Hussein to 9/11 which they probably knew was not true. But Hillary should have known that. Bernie Sanders knew something because he gave a very eloquent speech supporting his decision not to vote in favor of the resolution.

    I read somewhere that bin Laden hated Hussein because Hussein was a Dictator and not a true Muslim. He probably had the same feeling towards Hussein that he had towards the Saudi Royal Family. They are all corrupt and not living the life of Mohammed. Should Bush et al have know bin Laden's loyalty's or did they just bank on the idea that they are all terrorists and the American people would fall for that? You know, the fear of an armed pan-Arab caliphate or something.

    I also read something about the WMD being moved to Syria. Was Bush fooled by this? Did he know this in advance?

    Quien sabes?
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    The Bush family and Obamas are where they are because of politics. Not Trump. That is the answer.

    You know, I flew Al Gore in a Lear 60 from Nashville to Carlsbad, I think it was, several years ago. Just him in a private jet. Nice guy. I hate his politics, but I told a lot of people after that flight I'm convinced they all just pick a side and go with it.

    Trump has always spoken out on certain topics well before he got into politics. The Bushes and Obamas are Deep State. They don't like Trump stirring the pot.
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  14. OUBubba

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    Here's the script of the Z call.
    DJT: Hello. You there?
    Z: Yes, Mr. President. You're awesome. I'd like to come visit. We also need that stuff so the Russkies don't over run us in our current shooting war.
    DJT: We do a lot for you. That ***** Angela, all she does is flap her lips. Ask her about help. All of Europe should help you more than us. We've been great to you. You guys were mean to me
    Z: Yes, I agree with you. They suck. Now, back to that war. Can we buy those javelines?
    DJT: Yes, we'll get those toys and we'll that visit worked out. But, first, I need a favor. I want that server. Also, did you see that Mueller guy pee down his leg? They say all of that started in Ukraine. Talk to my AG.
    Z: Of course, whatever it takes. I sent you a new lackey that should do whatever you need. Also, Rudy called. We'll investigate as he wants.
    DJT: Great. Talk to Rudy and Bill. They'll tell you what we need. And, that ***** that was there before? We replaced her. Also, Biden is bad. Talk to my AG. Do whatever you can.
    Z: Of course. We will look into that company you mentioned. Yes, that one lady was a *****. She didn't like me.
    DJT: She's going to have her time in the barrel. Rudy/AG will get with you. That guy who the whole western world wanted gone due to corruption was treated unfairly. Ukraine good!
    Z. Yes. US Good! I stayed in Trump hotel!!!! Now, about that visit? DC, specifically. Please? And we will do as your people asked about that investigation.
    DJT: Yes, Rudy and Bill will call. Come see me.

    Was that the script that he diverged from?
  15. OUBubba

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    I have a conspiracy theory that Iraqis were weirdly involved with the OKC bombing. Gotta get busy. Laters.
  16. OUBubba

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    Michelle and W. are close because they belong to the very small "fraternity" of the people that knows what happens in the White House and what they go through. They're also good people. Both of them.
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    I do want to say that I understand there is a need sometimes to fight regardless of the unfortunate human tragedy of the victims of fire-bombings (Dresden) and atomic bombs (Japan). It's just that we have to somehow own the stipulation that our national interests require conflict. We have to own the stipulation of being the world's cop.

    I don't understand the whole, "We're a Christian nation" when we are the greatest military superpower in human history. Why did we decide to take on that much power and influence?

    Jesus didn't...
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    Well, I'm a Catholic. God and Jesus want total faith and obedience in what they say. Unquestioned. I would say that is a lot of power and influence to get into their Kingdom.
  19. bystander

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    Yes. That is true. But Jesus ignored power in THIS world. We make our choices. Ego and ambition were not his domain except to tell us that we worshiped the wrong things.
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  20. horninchicago

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    I was sort of being a wise ***.
  21. bystander

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    Ha ha... it had some factual basis!
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    They are usually intentional, not mistakes, and plenty of people want him to turn it up.
  23. bystander

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    That's true. I know quite a few folks, including many Latino's from South Texas who like his bravado and telling it like he sees it without succumbing to political correctness or virtue signaling. It's like everyone has been unleashed from the use of PCness to stifle free speech and alternative points of view. It's an emotional response.
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    Somehow Nancy will get the votes needed. Some dems in red/ purple states w/b allowed to vote NO to ensure their home bases are patted on the back, but she will ensure POTUS is impeached. Her job rides on it, and the dem party's reputation rides on it. More importantly, impeaching POTUS gives them a sliver of hope next Nov. Because as of now, they have NO shot with the current candidates they're running out
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  28. Horn6721

    Horn6721 Half of seeming clever is keeping your mouth shut.

    Our Senator Cruz after detailing the issues with the handling of the FISA fiasco said this wasn't Jason Bourne it was Beavis and Butthead.
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    Projection is a hallmark of the left.
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    But, it isn't political....
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