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    I'm not surprised. Ever since the impeachment, Vindman has done everything he can to prove the characterization that he is a partisan assclown to be true.
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    Mr D
    I wish I could send that post to the assclown Vindman.
  3. mchammer

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    The golden boy hero of CNN?

    Say it ain't so!
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  5. mchammer

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    You can make a strong argument that vindman is a worse person than Trump.
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    This is ******* ********. You risk losing a lot of money investing in capital. Why not support a flat tax too? All income taxed at 20% regardless of source or income level.

    “We should tax income from wealth the same as income from work. Very little of Trump’s money was earned by working—most was just ‘earned’ when he sold assets he inherited that had grown in value,” Amy Hanauer, director of the Institute on Taxation and Economic Policy, wrote in an editorial for Newsweek.

    “This is backwards. Lawmakers should equalize these rates so that someone who wakes up at 6 a.m. and trudges to work in the rain doesn’t pay a higher rate than someone who sits in their inherited mansion watching the stock portfolio they were given grow,” she wrote.
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    Who uses more government services? I don’t think Trump needs welfare and other transfer payments. Plus, the worker mentioned likely pays NO income tax.
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  9. mchammer

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    What assets did Trump inherit that was recently sold for profit? Maybe a land sale? Is she calling for a wealth tax? This lady is full of ********.
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    Finally what the f**k does the tax code have to do with Trump’s tax returns? He is one out of approximately 120m tax filers.
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    Sorry one more thing: any loophole removed from businesses to increase total taxation just increases the cost to the consumer. Go one further - eliminate corporate income tax and you eliminate 80% of the tax lawyers and the concomitant tax loopholes, subsidies, complexity, etc. In this way, owners like Trump will set up corporations instead of sole proprietorships and get paid in salary, dividends, and stock options which are easily taxed.

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