Interview w/ Ms. Edith McEachern

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    Edith Royal and Jena McEachern gave an interview, partly to promote their new book.

    If you are of-a-certain-age, I bet you know some of what they talk about, and some personal insights as to the coach. But there's some recent stories about DKR and his health decline at the interviews end .... very touching IMHO.

    Runs about 30 minutes - audio
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    I was a bit too young to fully appreciate DKR. I did attend his last game, the 29-12 victory over Arkansas.

    Sounds like the spying was only part of the burnout. I had no idea he buried two children, I think they said both in the early 70s.

    Very interesting that DKR totally misread the situation, and thought that Mike Campbell would be picked as his successor. I guess Coach Campbell retired from Texas after not being selected head coach?

    in the end though, what a career, and an even better retirement. Retired at age 55 or so, sounds like he enjoyed his golf, Willie, etc. for at least as long as he coached at Texas. I wonder if he ever had to pay for a meal in Austin after retiring?

    What a great man, and of course a great woman behind the great man!
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    from wikipedia

    "After retiring from coaching football in 1976, Royal continued his role as athletic director until retiring in 1980. "

    This is craziness!! He was the AD, but the university wouldn't let him select the head football coach?

    I'm a little surprised he didn't tell the University to shove it up their a** and walk away completely.
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    always heard he wanted Mike Campbell to take the reigns vs Fred Akers--wonder how Texas would have been had that have happened?? [​IMG]
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    UT hired Coach Akers because he was having success at Wyoming. But looking back Coach Campbell had earned a shot at it. I can see where they disappointed Coach Royal.
  6. orangecat1

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    Who decided to hire Fred? Was it Frank Erwin?
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    Thanks for the link [​IMG]
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    DKR was a hero, but his time pretty much ran out during the 76 season. Am I the only one that recalls the super negative columns in the AAS in 1976? They were brutal

    DKR was basically a figurehead as an AD. Lemons was hired in 76 IIRC, I don't know if DKR had a hand in that or not. Wouldn't surprise me if he didn;t

    I was at the last game, it was Broyles last game too....No one knew Frank was retiring (that I know of) but everyone was pretty sure DKR was hanging it up.

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