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    Very interesting read.
    So the extra year of eligibility has caused a problem for next year which reduces opportunities for this year's hs seniors
    But the portal apparently is causing long term issues.
    I thought the portal was supposed to be just to make compliance easier by using technology to set up and track students wanting to transfer,
    That what happens is a school notifies the NCAA a student athlete wants to transfer. That name is now in national data case, the player has entered the portal.
    Is the problem now that coaches can "shop" the portal and recruit high school seniors? So their pool of potential athletes is bigger ?
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    This is a problem for all sports. My daughter is going into her sophomore year in college. She's looking for a 4 year school to finish out. Everyone is stacked and there are way too many "extra" players out there. Her friends who are now HS seniors had a lot of trouble finding scholarships. One ended up at UC Santa Barbara and the other at Temple College. The one going to Temple is easily a D1 catcher, but everyone is stacked. Lots of requests to "walk on" and see what happens.

    They should have never given the extra year. The NCAA is just stupid. My daughter sure didn't get an extra senior year in high school when it was cancelled after 14 games. She was pushed on out into the world and so should have college seniors. It's life.
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    IMHO, this whole "non-committable offer" stuff has been a load of bs since it first started. That's no offer at all.

    Many high school coaches will sour on many college programs, as their star athletes get hung out to dry on broken promises and end up at a much lesser program or even at a JC. That's probably been happening for some time now, but it should accelerate with this mess.

    There could also be a push to bump up the maximum scholarships allowed. Add another 5 or so, and add a corresponding 5 to the women's soccer team or something.

    Disgruntled 2nd and 3rd teamers should think twice before jumping into the portal. Things could end up a lot worse for them. A good outcome for them might be to complete a bachelor's degree, and then grad transfer to a (much) lesser ranked program where they could start for a year.
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    Before you find your skis on the black diamond slopes, take a look at the number of "offers" schools have out. Most P5 schools have out 250-300, but some of the major players have out over 450.

    Like someone posted a while back, there are "offers" and then there are "real offers".
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    It’s a bunch of bovine manure. If it can’t be accepted then it’s a sham offer.

    Getting an offer from a major player should be a very big deal.

    That’s my take on it. As you can tell, I don’t like the way this is being played. Even if we end up having to play the same stupid game everyone else is playing with these fake “offers”, it’s still a stupid game.

    Give plenty of recruits an “expression of interest” or something and then make offers to the ones you want to sign on the dotted line.
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    I have never figured out the reporting system. For example, there is no way UVA has 240+ offers out. First of all, I don't think their coaches know about 100 much less 240. I have come to believe the reporting services are making **** up to sell clicks or subscriptions. Bama with 450+?

    I know the Aggie number is wrong, because no one in Brazos County can count that high.
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