Iowa State to allow 25k at games

Discussion in 'In The Stands' started by Horn6721, Sep 1, 2020.

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    I betcha those 25,000 fans are wanting a refund after that disaster! :smile1:
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    More than we had for UTEP, hmmm.
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    Hey, Horns had more fan cutouts in the stands than ISU !!! :rolleyes1:
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    Cerena Ermitanio is a UT senior. She was highly critical of the decision to resume games, especially after the university told students to act responsibly.

    “I honestly think it's BS,” she said.

    Ermitanio said she thinks the university will blame students for any outbreaks, “but I think the reality is UT should be all totally closed. All of our classes should be online because all of these things are open at this weird number of capacity. And still hosting football games is really, to me, an incentive for people to move back and have these gatherings.”

    'It's BS' — Students, Austin Residents and Health Officials Push Back On UT Football Game

    Sour grapes article. You didn’t need to wear masks at all times in stadium as you were often 6 ft or more away from anyone. The comment above is obviously stupid, which I call the “all or nothing” approach.

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