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Discussion in 'Horn Depot' started by Dogbert, Nov 9, 2008.

  1. Dogbert

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    All year there has been no iPhone Internet access in and around DKR once the crowds start arriving. My friends with AT&T Blackberries have no such problems. They text and browse with no major issues. Does AT&T run separate networks for the iPhone? Part of the reason I got the iPhone was so I could check scores of other games while watching the Horns play. Do I need to ditch the iPhone and go for the Blackberry? I believe I'm stuck with it until my contract runs out.
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    Can you run WiFi and bypass 3G or Edge if iphone runs on both? That whole campus area is wifi and i run my G1 on WiFi during the week on campus. You can even seek out areas that are hotspots. That may help. But I don't think the type of phone you have makes a difference. I am sure somebody with a Blackberry has troubles sometimes.

    But I have not had any problems at games with my G1 and I think it is on the same tech as an iphone.
  3. Dogbert

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    I'd love to get into the wifi network on campus, but since I'm not a student, faculty or staff I do not have access. I have access through "E" while tailgating near the stadium (not 3G), but then it quits responding near gametime (due to network load I suspect).

    My friend with an AT&T Blackberry was texting during the game so I sent her a message. She didn't get it until after the game -- the same time her text to me showed up on my iPhone. Something is wrong.
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    I've noticed the same thing, whether I turn 3G off or leave it on. Mrs. ACuriae has no problems with her Blackberry, but my iPhone gets nothing when we get close to DKR. Only during one game (Arkansas) have I gotten texts sent during the game. Usually they show up after we've left.
  5. txtxyeha

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    ran into the same issue at Folsom Field in Boulder. Love my iPhone - it is 4 devices in one package; however, the flip/flopping between Edge and 3G are very frustrating. So close....
  6. Dogbert

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    Also, when someone calls me around gametime I don't get the call and they have to leave a message. The message doesn't show up on my iPhone until after the game. Needless to say, this causes significant problems.
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  8. HornMafia

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    I was sending and receiving texts during the game on Saturday on my iPhone...and have checked scores from there at times, too.
  9. Bernard

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    I have AT&T and a Samsung Blackjack II. I can usually text at home games without a problem. I don't use the web very often during a game, but when I wanted to, it was there.

  10. l00p

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    I think it is hit or miss. I know during the Rose Bowl game v. USC I could not get most messages through and would constantly have to resend till it finally went through. Sometimes about ten back to back efforts but finally went through.

    There is just a ton of people all doing the same thing.
  11. kmac30

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    i was able to receive and send txt on my iphone. however, it didn't show my txt actually going out. only reason i knew they were was b/c of the replies i was getting. i can't make a call during the games.

    during the first game i had wifi. every game since i see it's protected and i don't have a password. wtf is up with that.
  12. cbs

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    I have non-3G iPhone and have had no problem texting or making/receiving calls at DKR.
  13. orangebones

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    my blackberry doesn't get crap once the crowd shows up (EDGE)...didn't have this problem last year. it was nice being able to check scores when they weren't up on the ribbon board.
  14. KingBobo81

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    I got the 3g in the middle of football season. My non 3g worked fine. My 3g is completely useless for texting, internet or phone calls in DKR or any other large venue. ACL was a nightmare for me in terms of meeting up with friends.
  15. wherzwaldo

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    My Sprint phone could never send/receive calls/texts or use wireless web when in the stadium. I don't think this problem is unique to the iPhone and/or 3G.
  16. Lat22

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    Mine is always hit or miss in a stadium/race track type crowd.
  17. MilkmanDan

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  18. SomeMildLanguage

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    Yeah, I really hope this gets fixed soon. I like being able to check scores and emails and upload pictures and things at the game, outside of the game, inside the game, before the game, during the game, after the game... it's incredibly frustrating basically not having a phone because too many other people are around.
  19. Tailgate

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    Watch the game, not your phone.
  20. MilkmanDan

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  21. SomeMildLanguage

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  22. Benson32

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    I have the same issues. I believe AT&T even installed a cell site on the west side of the stadium, but it obviously does very little good.
  23. txfight84

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    I have been to 4 college football games this year...


    at both the Texas games, i got jack squat...no texting, calling, internet. At the TCU games i got occasional, like it would work for maybe 5 minutes out of every 30...and thats it...pissed me off...
  24. Tailgate

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  25. Dogbert

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    I wish there were some way to get wifi at the stadium and the Erwin Center. Granted there would be a lot of fans that would want wifi access during games (and maybe too many to be easily possible), but it would be great to check scores, review stats, use twitter, etc.
  26. Endust

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    my regular ol' cellphones have never worked in DKR.

    could they be jamming signals? or is it just network load?
  27. l00p

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    Has to be network loads and luck of chance. I have had sporadic luck with my old phone before my newest phone. Sometimes repeatedly hitting resend a dozen times before it finally gets through. Other times, first try. This is when something exciting is going on and other times a tv timeout. Just depends.

    I have had zero problems with my G1 phone but I don't think it is the phone compared to my former Samsung.

    I know Sprint phones used to have wicked problems a few years ago but the company put up some antenna device or something to boost the signal there to match the other companies. But DKR-TMS was a "dead zone" for Sprint users.
  28. majorwhiteapples

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    AT&T Blackberries are Edge devices which is the current predominate network. The new iPhone is 3G, not as widespread as Edge. Getting there but not yet. That should answer your BB vs. iPhone Question.

    Whenever you put 90K + people in a small area like a stadium, you are going to have tough cell phone coverage, no matter the carrier. 4G will solve alot of that over the next 3-5 years, maybe sooner.
  29. l00p

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    Smartphones, or at least the G1, so i assume the iphone too, switches from 3G to Edge in a heartbeat. You can even disable the 3G and go Edge.
  30. Dogbert

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    I tried both Edge and 3G during the Aggie game and got bupkis again. We need a big *** WIFI at DKR.

    ps: I wanted to check game stats for all the folks worried about someone looking at their phone.

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