Iran Attacks US Forces at Al Assad

Discussion in 'West Mall' started by ShAArk92, Jan 7, 2020.

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    Because that resulted in the '79 Embassy hostage crisis. You want to start the clock in '79 because that fits your narrative. Ever hear of the term "Blow back". That is a CIA term for unintended events from a covert action. '79 was "blow back". I don't know if you ever read or not, but I can recommend a couple of books by chalmers johnson. The trilogy is called "Blow back, the cost and consequences of the American empire". spoiler alert, it was written before 9 11.

    Another informative Book about the Middle East is by Robert Frisk. Frisk was a Brit Journalists stationed in Beirut for many years and published in the London Times until Murdock bought the paper. He went to the Guardian when Murdock started changing his articles. The Book is "The great war for Civilization" . it covers history of almost all the Middle east countries from the end of the WW I until present times. You could learn a lot about Iran and the cause of the conflict between our countries.
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    It started in 1953 because the CIA led a coup in Iran. But the US is always "good". Muslim countries are always "bad".

    This coming from someone who has no love for Islam.
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    Best one yet
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    no sir ... two problems with this statement. It's not what I want ... and it's not my narrative.

    Does it help to produce a sense of superiority to engage in such conjecture and projection?

    Here's one for ya ... "how to win the war against radical (sic) islam" Robert Morey. Also written pre 9/11.

    I do not suppose to be an expert on the ME ... but I've spent some real special time there. I've engaged the markets in Kuwait City ... I've patroned their restaurants ... and I've commanded lethal force from Al Jaber ... pre 9/11.

    Iran (Persia) gets obliterated. It DID seem there for a bit, their lobbing missiles at our troops would be the catalyst. Yet ... all the huff and puff the left has done about Trump. He didn't nuke 'em. He didn't even order a counter assault. Oops. Now who's wanting what narrative?

    1979 is relevant to now because of the change of governance ... and that it's been 40 years isn't coincidental.
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    not to be confused with "always right."

    See Bosnia.
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    It seems to me that sanctions only work against a government whose members care about the suffering of the average person.
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    Which means, "none".
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    An Iranian strategist has a new plan to solve their economic woes
    Kidnapping Americans for ransom
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    What an idiot. How about, Iran, you disavow all violence against the US in exchange for removing sanctions and agreeing to negotiate US/Iran involvment in Iraq. Trump might actually take you up on that.
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    Trump would insist on disavowing all violence against Israel and the defunding of terrorist groups in Israel and Iraq. They'd never go along with that.
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    As he should.

    we don't run out on our allies, right? I mean our real allies, not just those who share a common short term goal/enemy.

    Iran isn't going away quietly.
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    I like the info ... the platform? meh.
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  15. Joe Fan

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    Was this a failure to launch or was it the Space Force?

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  16. ShAArk92

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    Things aren’t always as they seem.
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    Is the part about the Space Force the part it seems or is that the part that is it not what it seems?
  18. ShAArk92

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    Yes, we have no bananas.


    ... as stated previously, we had our beeps/squeeks guys engaged during that assault.
    Yes a few of 'em destroyed structures ... but it'd have been worse w/o the "hand from space."

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