Is BLM the Most Powerful Political Party in the Country?

Discussion in 'West Mall' started by Clean, Jun 18, 2020.

  1. theiioftx

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    Here is the scary part. I live in Nashville.
  2. Clean

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    That is scary.

    I heard there were riots in Omaha over the weekend. If we lose the Heartland, it's all over.
  3. Joe Fan

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  4. Joe Fan

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    More like the Taliban or ISIS
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    Let Bevo have some fun.
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  6. Joe Fan

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    But not all large gatherings, right Barry?
  7. theiioftx

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    The liberals keep fleeing their crappy cities and states that they destroyed through voting. Now they infiltrate good states/cities and bring the same dumb*** actions to screw them up too.
  8. Joe Fan

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    They are like a swarm of locusts -- move, destroy then move on
  9. Musburger1

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    It’s Gonna Blow

    Thought I’d throw in a little fear mongering to brighten everyone’s day. Wow.
  10. Joe Fan

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  11. bystander

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    A little Bystander Op-Ed

    Re: Herman Cain and the Liberal Blogoshere

    Do you know the meaning of the word vile? I'll give you an example: People who arrogantly mock Herman Cain's death.

    People like that are just gone to me. There's no point in talking to them about anything. They are so full of hate that they actually like it. They enjoy it. And they will attack you with relish.

    That kind of mind has abdicated it's entire being and substituted it with a political point of view that has taken it over. There is no thought of balance or reasonableness. Only the aggressive defense of their zealotry, because without it, they would be lost. They believe their philosophy is inerrant and holy in it's purpose. And because they feel this way, they are holier than you; in fact, you have become nothing to them but someone they wish was no longer in existence.

    That is how they felt about Herman Cain all along. He was not their kind of guy. Right or wrong, he confused them because he didn't fit the exact box they put people in, so instead of accepting a different point of view, they had to destroy it.

    And now they are taking their victory lap.

    Let the man deal with God now.

    This is not a comment about Cain's beliefs or politics. He was a black man, who lived through all the hard times. He made his choices. I don't have the insight to explain it one way or the other and to say it that way sounds as if it needs explaining. People do what they do. They think what they think. Nobody can understand why I am the way I am. I'm just a ball of experience and context. My context. I try to see yours. That's all I can do.
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  12. mchammer

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    It’s a mental illness. The ones in power (and lucid) don’t rein them in.
  13. nashhorn

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    You kidding, they not only do not rein them in they condone and support when it suits their narrative.
  14. Horn6721

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  15. HornHuskerDad

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    Copied from the link above:

    And if you refuse to be on the “right side (my side) of justice at all times”? Nice business you have there. Be a shame if anything happened to it because you weren’t on the “right side of justice at all times.”

    That is a not-very-veiled threat - "do it our way or else." Note that some of the other Hispanic buiness owners are backing up the owner - "the Hispanic community is rallying around Martinez."

    Somehow this mess has to be stopped.
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  16. Mr. Deez

    Mr. Deez Beer Prophet

    Why wouldn't they use Mafia tactics? Political radicals do what they can get away with, and they push until they get significant resistance. What resistance is BLM getting right now? Damn near none. In fact, most of the media is cheering them on. It's going to get worse before it gets better.
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  17. Horn6721

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    Mr D
    Correct. No resistance even from the police .
    I hope the Hispanics there fight back. Maybe that could wake others up.
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  18. Clean

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    Most businesses are terrified they'll get negative attention from BLM. If you don't believe it look at the current trend in advertising. The majority of new advertising for large companies on television, the internet, magazines, everything, feature far more than 14% black people. Probably closer to 40-50% African-Americans. That's those businesses saying "don't come after me".
  19. nashhorn

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    In advertising i would have agreed with you clean until I watched some old ball games - 2003 and 2005 - and noticed numerous commercials with various ethnic actors. It surprised me but it’s true.
    The biggest difference to me are in the actual tv shows. Those are much more diverse.
  20. Clean

    Clean 5,000+ Posts

    I'll have to take your word for it.

    I was watching golf yesterday and CBS would periodically run "public service" announcements that basically said America was a racist country and we'd better get out **** together. You can't even escape being preached to even while watching sports.
  21. Joe Fan

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    This "no cops" thing is working out well. Or, for some of us, about as expected

    Hats off the BLM movement


  22. Joe Fan

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    Portland just had a 150-round firefight

    "A shooting rang out about 11:08 p.m. Friday outside an apartment building near the 600 Block of NE 87th Avenue. The Portland Police Bureau said in an update Saturday that more than 150 rounds were fired and bullets struck at least eight occupied apartments and seven vehicles...."

    Portland sees 150-round shooting at apartment building, as crowds continue violent clashes with police
  23. Horn6721

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    Que the talking heads who will tell us again about the mostly peaceful protests.
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  24. nashhorn

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    Thanks clean. Yeah certainly none of the ‘public service’ announcements like you mentioned but I guess I wasn’t watching tv much back then, having already gotten onto Netflix and using my On Demand Service a lot I deliberately avoided commercials. About the only thing I watched was away games and didn’t strike me then but now that we’ve all been sensitized I notice it all the time. I’m sure that now makes me a racist.
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  25. nashhorn

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    Oh and as ridiculous as those old commercials were I told wife I think they are LESS ridiculous than today’s. When I see an absolutely embarrassing commercial I always remember an old skit where they are showing some alien beings many years from now looking back at our history and viewing our tv and laughing at us thinking that was how we lived.
  26. Clean

    Clean 5,000+ Posts

    Here a dozen BLM protestors show up at a Minnesota state senator's house, bang on his door repeatedly (he wasn't home), yell profanities, scared his wife (who was home), bothered his neighbors with all the noise, and partially block his street. Man, where the hell is BLM finding all these crazy white people to do their bidding?

    You can see why people are reluctant to stand up to them. We had a San Antonio City Council man who got the same treatment late on a Friday night after he voted "no" on resolution of support for BLM.

    Minnesota lawmaker speaks out on BLM protesters at his home, decries 'loud profane mob'
  27. bystander

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    More of the "or else" extortion type mind-set:

    Letters to the Editor: Enough with the liberal whining over Black Lives Matter's methods

    "To the editor: Nicholas Goldberg's column on the protests in Portland and the approving letter in response leave out a major aspect of the Black Lives Matter demonstrations: Black activists and their allies have been trying peaceful protests for decades now and have been largely ignored by the establishment, including and damningly by Democrats.

    As a white ally of Black lives, I think it's insulting to the larger movement against police brutality (especially as it affects marginalized people) to insinuate that the righteous anger being expressed on the streets of Portland, Chicago, Seattle and elsewhere "play into Trump's hands" or "detracts from the larger movement."

    If you didn't want violence in the streets, you should've listened to the alarm bells that have been ringing since 1776.

    To claim to support Black Lives Matter but insult its methods is nothing short of white, liberal, privileged whining. If you don't want to see violence, put pressure on your representatives and government leaders to actually do something to support Black lives beyond writing op-ed articles and painting words on the street.

    These don't feed Black families. These don't stop their killings."

    Carolyn Knight-Serrano, Fullerton

    Those who deny it's an extortion based action are very naive, have a world-class blind-spot or just refuse to accept it because they are emotionally locked-in on their politics.
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  28. Phil Elliott

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    As I have said before, blacks will do anything to get attention to their plight *except* stop voting for Democrats. Why should their Dem leaders do anything to help them when they (the Dems) know for a fact that blacks will vote for them anyway?
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  29. Phil Elliott

    Phil Elliott 2,500+ Posts

    I used to agree with BLM on one thing - the cops have too many military-type weapons and like to play army too much. However, BLM and Antifa's tactics are driving people like me *away* from their position on this since such military-type apparatus is needed to put down these violent protests. Right now I am saying give the cops WHATEVER THEY WANT to make all this go away.
  30. Clean

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    BLM in coordination with the Left is indirectly killing sports too. People just don't want to be inundated with the **** anymore.


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