Is DKR 100% finished?

Discussion in 'In The Stands' started by Lost_In_Ohio, Nov 8, 2008.

  1. Lost_In_Ohio

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    I remember AAS saying it would be all done for the BU game. To anyone who went or anyone who has heard anything: Is the stadium 100% complete? How is the absolute finished product, or what is left to finish?
  2. vtaenz

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    I think there's still a level that needs work. The area immediately below where the glass is.
  3. 4th&5

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  4. ScoPro

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    The West Side Level 5 "mezzanine" looks as dark & nasty as it did in 1962, plus the restrooms behind Section 1 are sleazier than a 3rd world crapper.

    But I doubt if any of the Belmont Hall crowd venture into that world.
  5. RayDog

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    The is still a lot of internal finishing that needs to be done on the lower floors below the club level.

    If you really mean "absolutely", then absolutely not. two phase of construction is planned in the SEZ, with the first phase, `4000 semi permanent bleachers, starting at the end of this season.
  6. CleverNickname

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    I know that at least one of the unfinished floors is just there to house future office/classroom expansion. So it may look incomplete, but that's just because its not 100% finished out by design.
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    SEZ project is going to be small by comparison to everything else, and isn't intended to add seats, but I think it will add a 500 or so. Main thing they want is to put an actual structure over there so they can put in bathrooms and of course concessions.
  9. South Austin

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    I think they also have to fill in the gap in the uppder deck on the northwest side.
  10. IAMEvilBeAr

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    23rd st will reopen to traffic eastbound on monday. The NEZ is finished

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