Is Sark Simply Another Mike Leach?

Discussion in 'On The Field' started by KBBAKER, Oct 17, 2021.

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    Meh, Sark is 43-35 at two power schools (USC & Washington) and 4-3 at Texas.
    Sark appears to performing at his usual performance level.
    Past performance is generally a good predictor of future performance.
    I don’t mind the the hiring of Sark as Herman had to go and we needed an interim coach. Sark is not the answer, but he will do for a couple of years.
    CDC needs to be looking now for a HC in 2023.

    That said, I hope Sark can be better than his record.
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    His skills with Xs and Os on offense are reminiscent of Mackovic. I personally think the D will get settled and be just fine, but for those who disagree--Mackovic was known for not putting much emphasis on the D side.

    Sark's people skills = at least a B+, maybe better
    Mackovic's people skills = D- or F (his Arizona players revolted/mutinied, his arrogance towards alumni, and people in general, was infamous)

    Mackovic: "While Oregon Pinots are fine, you should taste the real Burgundy from France..."
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    I agree with this, if you prefer subtlety over brash, in your face flavors.
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