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Discussion in 'On The Road Again' started by HornTillDeath, Jan 6, 2011.

  1. HornTillDeath

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    Looking at doing an Italy trip next summer with another couple for our 25th anniversary. Looking for any suggestions: hotels, food, lodging, sight seeing, etc. We've got the books, but wanted some insight from people who have actually been there.

    Cities we're looking at : Rome, Tuscanny, Vernazza, Milan, and Florence. Two weeks total.

  2. FridayNiteLites

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    What time of the summer? If you go early, June, it will be crowded beyond belief. If you go late it will be hot, and no one will be in town. Everyone vacations for a month or so to get away from the heat in Rome.
  3. E Man

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    Check out Hotel Villa Carlotta in Florence. It's in a pretty setting and centrally located. Stayed with wife and daughters - all of us really liked it.
  4. bullzak

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  5. JohnnyYuma

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    We spent a couple of days in Verona. Really nice.
  6. Big Country Horn

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    My bride and I visited Italy about 12 years ago. Our favorite places were Siena, Varenna (on Lake Como) and Venice. Of course, Rome is amazing, too, and a "must see".

    Hotel du Lac (I believe that was its name) in Varenna had a great restaurant at the time that was our favorite of the trip. Beautiful view of Lake Como and good food.
  7. THEU

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    Florence is the place to not rush through. So much history and art there. And it is a bit cooler than Roma and some other places.
  8. YoLaDu

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    skip Milan.. my 2 cents.

    don't miss San Gimignano


    don't miss Assisi


    don't forget about Siena

  9. Rex Kramer

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    Siena and San Gimignano were my 2 favorites. And Sorrento on the Amalfi. I love Italy. I wish I were of Italian descent. But instead I am of French descent.
  10. oak forest horn

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    not to hijack the thread, but i am headed to Italy right after the Final Four. Staying in Sorrento and Rome; any more information would be appreciated.
  11. Hornin' In

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    Don't miss Florence and Assisi. You can spend A LOT of time in Florence.

    Rome is Rome. By June, the crowds will be overwhelming. By July, it is unbearably hot! But the history there is something to see.
  12. Sangre Naranjada

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    If you are interested in touring the wine country in Tuscany and you stay in San Gimignano, then make a day excursion towards Radda in Chianti and the nearby Castelo D'Albola.

    We dined at the Zonin family villa shown here with Alessandro Gallo, but our itenerary was set up by the Zonin group and may have been a specialized event not normally available. Nevertheless, the property and public tasting room and tours of nearby Radda are worth your while if you're wanting to get away from the cities for a day or two.
  13. FridayNiteLites

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    If you are interested in wine, when you go to lunch or dinner, have the house wine. If you like it, buy it. That way you get a taste, and you know what you like or don't like. Ditto on Florence. There is a great little shop called 'Ino. Sandwiches, cheese, and wine. The Link Too much to see and too little time.

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