It's 1:04 a.m.

Discussion in 'On The Field' started by XOVER, Sep 10, 2011.

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    It's 1:04 a.m., and Missouri just lost to Arizona State in Tempe.

    1:04 a.m. In the morning. Saturday morning. The wee hours of Saturday morning. As in the game started on Friday and ended on Saturday.

    For those who say there's no real inconvenience playing in the PAC12 for those in the State of Texas, and east of Texas, well ... I think the time zone differences in the PAC10 are oftentimes a pain in the ***. Like tonight's (this morning's) game.

    Leave the PAC12 to schools other than Texas.
  2. Third Coast

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    I'm a night person so I kind of like the one, or two games a year that MIGHT be on this late. Sucks for people that have to be at work at McDonald's at 6 am., or that get up at the crack of dawn to feed the birds on a Saturday morning.
  3. stormhorn

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    i'm convinced.
  4. XOVER

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    You're talking about Texas, I assume, Third Coast?

    See, I like to watch other conference games, too.

    I like to get a bead (if I can) on a team coming up that Texas will play. Or a game that might affect Texas' standing in the division/conference race.

    That's why I watched this game in the first place -- Texas plays MO down the road.

    If Texas were in the PAC10, there would be a helluva lot more than MAYBE one or two games per year than would start "today" and end "tomorrow". And SOME would undoubtedly involve Texas. Theoretically, ASU and Texas would be in the same desert division, and the game tonight was ASU.

    Christ, the PAC10 will trash out your whole Saturday night every single Saturday night if you happen to be a conference man.

    It ain't worth it.

    BTW, based on the way MO looked tonight, Texas has a good chance to take Missouri.

    Time to go to bed.
  5. Hu_Fan

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    With the scored tied 30-30, Missouri was on about the 30 yard line or so, and faced 2nd and 5. Half a minute or less to play.

    If they had run two plays and gotten good yardage, they would have improved their shot at a winning FG.

    Instead, they ran two straight passing plays out of the shotgun in a deep snap position, ruling out a possible run from that position. Both passes were lame efforts and the last one damn near got intercepted.

    They then called two time outs (or Times Out, as Keith Jackson would say), and more or less iced their own kicker. The kick drifted to the left, with a wobbling flight, and I think may have even nicked the upright -- it went wide and failed.

    Their shot at a tying TD in overtime was even more futile.

    If tomorrow's (tonight's!) BYU game shows marked improvement over Game 1, and is a win, and things keep on a keeping on.... Horns should be able to deal with both sides of the ball when playing Missouri. Should be able to outplay and outcoach them, based on what I saw tonight.
  6. Puerto Aransas

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    Then XOVER, kindly ask aggy, corn and ralphie to rejoin the BigXII so we can keep all games in the convenient central time zone. I'll thank you when the announcements been made.
  7. XOVER

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    Sorry, P.A., but I think that ship has sailed.

    I tell you what, though, I'll try to bring back Nebraska and add Notre Dame, Illinois, Wisconsin, Minnesota, Iowa, Northwestern, Michigan, and sometimes Ohio State, Penn State, and a few others.

    If you don't like them, sorry. Best I can do. Tell you what, for you, I'll keep OU in Dallas at the State Fair.

    But I doggone sure won't be up till 1:04 a.m. watching Texas play Notre Dame. Ever.
  8. RP McMurphy

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  9. XOVER

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    Quit my bitching, RP? I prefer to call it "my warning," if that's okay with you.

    What makes you think that if Texas were in the PAC12 this year the game would not be at night? MU's actually ranked higher than we are right now, and the MU/ASU game ended in the wee hours of the morning. I know. I watched it.

    Funny thing is, ASU would be one of our divisional members, to boot. We're not even dealing with the PTZ here.

    And I see that my point about watching other divisional and conference games just zoomed right over your head.

    Look, it's okay if you prefer the PAC12 to the B1G. We can agree to disagree as to the relative merits of the two conferences.

    But if Texas joins the PAC12, there can be no doubt that some Texas games will start on Saturday night and end on Sunday morning from time-to-time. That's just a fact. Stop trying to rationalize it.

    And every single Saturday some of our divisional and conference members will start games on Saturday night and end them on Sunday morning. That's just a fact. Stop trying to rationalize it.

    You're okay with that. I am not. Do you understand now?
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  12. salonghorn-70

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    ou still sucked
  13. Dionysus

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    Good point, XOVER. I don’t want to stay up til midnight or later to watch football. Short of a national championship game I just wouldn’t do it. That’s too damn late and I like my sleep.
  14. TheGallopinGoose

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    The game ended at 1:04 AM, but keep in mind that this game was held in Arizona, which is in the Mountain time zone. If this game had been held on the west coast (Pacific time zone), it would have ended at 2:04 AM.
  15. caryhorn

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    I agree with the OP.
  16. Texas___Fight

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    Some of you should really look into Lunesta.
  17. Horn89

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    I get your point.

    I'd still rather watch Texas play USC, UCLA, Oregon, or Stanford at night instead of those oh-so-convenient day games vs Baylor, Iowa State, Kansas State.

    The old big 12 was a cool league. This new one blows.

    We just need to invent a drink with 5-hour energy and Maker's Mark.
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  19. wadster

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  20. SBC Horn

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    You guys never work weekends? What are y'all bankers or something? I'm working right now, and will probably miss an hour of the game, at least. On top of that, I have a family and kids that wake up at 7am no matter how late their stupid Daddy stayed up. I'm with XOVER. Playing til 1 or 2 am regularly wouldn't be enjoyable.
  21. LikeMike

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    The same arrangement doesn't seem to have hurt the Rangers lately.

    But, I'm sure that if the Great Dodds decides to assume control of the PAC 16 it will be a simple thing for him to move Calif to the Central time zone!
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    The game for me ended after 2am. I live on the east coast and I would hate it for Texas to play games this late. That being said, I was still up last night and would love seeing Texas on the road playing ASU. Thier crowd was great and it seems like a tough place to play.
  24. OrangeChipper

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    Here's what we'd have to look forward to.

    1-2 games a year that start at 9:30 central time. (football)

    About 2 games A WEEK of conference foes that will be on FSN or ESPN at about 9:30 central time (football)

    Basketball. About 8-10 games a year that start at about 9-10pm central time. About 5 games a week of conference foes that start at that time.
    Don't you remember the slotting of BIG MONDAY basketball games? Big east games at 6pm. Big 12 at 8pm. Pac 10 at 10pm. Almost all games for the pac-12 will be slotted at the late slot because it will allow ESPN to squeeze in more games. YUCK.

    College baseball games would be affected, too.

    Those who SAY that this wouldn't be an issue are naive or have a very short view of history. Don't you remember when San Antonio or Dallas played the LA lakers in the playoffs??

    If there were multiple series going on, the games were tipped at about 9:45 central. If it was just ONE series going on. Tip was around 9pm for LA home game and about 8:30 for a SA home tip. The central team always had to push more than the west coast team. I never understood that. (Except to say more eyeballs on the west-coast)

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