It's May 15, 2020

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    As of today Texas has had
    54,509 reported cases of the Kung Flu
    33,385 have recovered
    1,506 have died

    2.76% kill rate
    61.24% survival rate
    38.75% still recovering.

    Texas population

    .00187% of Texans have gotten Sick from the Kung Flu

    .00115% of Texans have recovered from the Kung Flu

    .0000519% of Texans have died of the Kung Flu

    Open this state up to the healthy and keep it closed to the Old, and those with health concerns. There is no need for us to be in lock down.
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    Lol, I guess I screwed up the title of the thread.

    Just an update from yesterday May 25.

    As of May 26
    623 new cases reported and 8 new deaths. If we only had 8 deaths on our highways in a single day it would be front page news.

    We need to get back to normal now. Our citizens need it and our country needs it.
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    AB I have screwed up titles before. You can edit them. at the top
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    I think he should leave it the way it is.

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