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    I watched game plan with Karen Aston this week. Jada Underwood was the guest. She is a lovely, well-spoken young lady. Aside from that, the interviewer mentioned that Jada has the highest "effective shooting percentage" on the team at over 50%. I do not know exactly how this rate is calculated but it gives extra weight to 3 point shots. The interviewer said Aston wants Jada to shoot more. Aston likes that Jada actually knows what a good shot is (unlike some of her teammates?) but says she wants Jada to be thinking shot more as she gets the ball. Watching the show prompted me to go look at the season box score. Hmmm. Jada has attempted 93 shots, fewer than half the number of any of the other 4 starters or Lashann. Jada is 14 of 32 (.438) from three. Compare that to Joyner's 6 of 29 (.207) or Celeste's 23 of 89 (.258). Now, some of Jada's high shooting percentage probably does come from the fact that she is so selective about when she shoots. Also, teams are more likely to leave her open because they do not expect to shoot. Over her career, I remember her shooting most often off offensive rebounds. None-the-less, this gives me some hope that Texas may be ready to make more use of a previously underused scoring option. Looking at the Big 12 stats, a couple of extra buckets a game could make a big difference. The buckets could come from Jada directly or indirectly if teams should decide to guard Jada more on the perimeter.
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