Jared Weaver being torched...

Discussion in 'Baseball' started by Horn2Run, Aug 17, 2012.

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    by the Rays in Anaheim...6-1, top of 4th and no outs

    the LAA announcers are saying the coaches are concerned about his back from theri expressions (then why is he still out there??), looks more to me like they're in shock. It's all coming apart at the seams for these guys

    They're done....scratch em off

    If you really think the swingin' A's can make the move, good luck

    The R's have it locked up, barring a few injured arms down the stretch,.....i just wish Wash would handle the pitchers better & keep the pitch counts down

    OOPS....Rays just scored again, 7-1 w/ no outs in the 4th
  2. Hook 'Em Danno

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    ^^^^ Glad to see it. The A's trailing CLE too at the moment (though I don't really expect that one to hold up). Barring a major collapse, I also think the Rangers take the West. However, unless the pitching staff hits on all cylinders by the time the playoffs roll around, they won't get very far since we all know what good pitching does to good hitting in the post-season. I've never been a big fan of how Wash handles pitchers, esp. the bullpen. He's dodged a lot of bullets in the past. Not sure if he can do it this time around.
  3. Horn2Run

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    the venerable Greinke added rotation of the Halos now looks like this

    Weaver. Bombed last nite. Perhaps he's thrown too many innings b/c his fastball had no movement last nite....in the mlb, to throw in the low 90s you can't throw flat pitches

    Haren. Back problems are back, he's been shelled after coming off the DL- last 2 starts he couldn't get out of the 4th innings vs SEA, TB (2 bad lineups)

    CJ. Record is 0-5 after July 1.... Team is 1-6 after the AS break in his starts.

    Greinke. Team is 1-4 in his starts as an Aangel. His win was almost a blown save

    Santana. ERA was 6.00 as of 3 starts ago, has pitched average since to get it under 6.00

    There's your rotation that was supposed to dominate the AL west ladies & gents. Opinion.........Looking at game logs on Baseball Reference.com shows these guys were overused for the most part, the work load has caught up to them

    The Rangers are suffering the same problem, imo.....

    Back to the Halo's> much of the blame is to the middle relievers, who blow leads like the 90s Rangers. Scoscia doesn't trust his middles, so he overused the starters....now he's paying the price

    The frustration of the LAA players has been clearly visible. I think their 2 losses here last month was the last straw. Wwhat a waste, it's a powerful lineup
  4. WorsterMan

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    Horn2 - THAT is some great info about LAA - they have some serious issues and are in trouble... R's have their issues but they just need to stay focused. A's may be more trouble - think the R's have 7 more games against them.
  5. Horn2Run

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    The Angels take an 8-0 lead, i flip the channel 90 minutes ago.....CJ and his new haircut was cutting down TB hittters, Pujols was admiring every ball off his bat.....looked like a slam dunk, right? 8-0 lead....

    Just flipped back, TB is up 10-8......10 unanswered runs, going to bottom of the 8th

    Haven't seen anything like this since the 64 Phils (i was a wee lad in elementary school). Total collapse. I recall the Mets caving in a few yrs ago too

    Game 3 in the Texas series 3 wks ago, this Angels team were celebrating in the 5th inning of what was sure to be a sweep....now they can't hold onto a 8 run lead vs a weak lineup

  6. Horn69

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    CJ having worst 10-game stretch in his career. 0-5 with 5.70 ERA. And, always fun to read his quotes. In an inning where he gives up SEVEN runs, he apparently only made one mistake. [​IMG]

  7. Horn2Run

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    Only CJ would come up with that line of thinking [​IMG]

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