Jayhawks visit Austin

Discussion in 'Men’s Basketball' started by Wishbonemac, Jan 27, 2014.

  1. Wishbonemac

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    Tough Love, Texas just being ranked # 25, IMO. Our motley crew deserves a little more respect. If this trend continues, we'll be a # 8 or # 9 seed in the post-season and that's not right for a second place BIG XII team.

    It looks like every seat has been sold and I know the Bluebirds are used to lots of fans in the stands but I'm looking for a "sixth steer" aura that levels the field.

    The Students Sections have really picked up their stuff this year, what with the spinning-free-throw-distraction-devices and all, but its up to the the retirees in the sections between the 20's to make the difference in this game. I propose that every fan stands the entire game, if your Doctor permits it, and let these kids know you're part of the team.

    Visit the Lot 108 HF-inspired Tailgate if you get thirsty or hungry before the game.
  2. georgecostanza

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    If this trend continues, we will be better than an 8 or 9 seed. The media just doesn't trust us yet, and who can blame them? They ranked us #1 in the 2009-10 season after starting 17-0 and we thanked them for it by finishing 24-10 on the season.
  3. jayakris

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    Actually the media and human polls (#25 in AP and #26 in Coaches') are ranking us better than the computers are. we are #31 in RPI and #36 in Sagarin's. I think our ranking is just about where it should be. Somewhere in the 25-30 range. Beat Kansas, and things will change. That is easier said than done.
  4. Tommy_Grand

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    If the 5-0 "trend" continues, we will never lose another game, ever. Sadly, I expect that "trend" to end tonight. We have a tough schedule ahead. I am not concerned w/ polls or rankings. If this team plays hard and fights for every bucket, Texas can finish at or above .500 in conference, earning an NCAA bid. Doing so would constitute an enormously successful season, confounding the expectations of many so-called experts.
  5. NBHorn7

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    If it's ends tonight it would be sad since the game is not till Saturday afternoon. [​IMG]

    Kansas is Kansas and that is what Texas basketball should strive to become. Self lost all five starters off last years's team. This was going to be the year that somebody broke the consecutive conference championship streak they have in the Big 12.

    Once again Kansas just reloads and are close to going undefeated in the first round robin of conference play. They are close to building an insurmountable lead in the year they were suppose to go down.

    Are they unbeatable, no they are not. Texas will have to play a complete game in all areas though. This includes making a high percentage of their free throws in what would be a probable close win.

    Kansas will play a solid game at the least and Texas will have to be just as solid or more so to win.
  6. Vol Horn 4 Life

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    This is a winnable game.....yep I said it. Kansas has a pedestrian performance this year losing games they shouldn't and letting teams play close that should be big wins.

    If the Horns play a solid game and make FT's it will be down to the wire with a chance to win. What progress! I wouldn't have dreamed this scenario at the beginning of the year.
  7. Vol Horn 4 Life

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    Regarding rankings, I think we are right where we should be. We have played some tough ball but have a long way to go to say this team deserves anything higher. Beating Kansas would be a nice feather not to mention beating four straight ranked teams!
  8. DINO22

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    Can't wait for the game tomorrow.It will be packed.
  9. BabHorn

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    38-23 Horns at the half. [​IMG]
  10. sblazer

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    pretty sure the refs are out to get felix... super cheap 3rd foul called 1 min into 2nd half. he'll be done for a while again. come on guys! Kansas is gonna make a run... weather the storm....
  11. VYFan

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    My simplistic post: Texas looks good!
  12. dillohorn

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    Just hold on for a couple more minutes. [​IMG]
  13. cmtsip

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    Come on horns! Come on fans! Get off your butts and yell! [​IMG] [​IMG]

  14. cmtsip

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    GREAT WIN!!!!

    [​IMG] [​IMG]
  15. Mesohorny

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    BIG win for these young Horns!


  16. BabHorn

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    Horns take down KU, 81-69! [​IMG]
    Record four wins in a row over ranked teams! [​IMG]
    awesome win for the team!
  17. blonthang

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    Texas went into the game at #25. #23 OU just lost to ISU, and #22 Memphis got beat today by SMU.

    With a BIG win over KU, and those two losses by teams just above Texas, should be sniffing top-20 in next poll?

    Who would have thought it?

    Still can lose to OSU, OU, KSU, ISU, BU, and KU later on, but finishing over 0.500 in conference for the season just got a bit easier.

    Hook 'em


    #24 tOSU beat #14Wisc, so will probably continue to float above UT

    #21 UMass lost to unranked St.Joes.

    #20 Creighton doesn't play for a few days

    #19 St. Louis neededd OT to beat unranked 7-14 George Mason

    So, 3 of the 4 teams immediately above Texas lost (OU, Memphis, UMass) and another a couple of spots above that taken to OT by a sub-500 mid-major. Room to move.
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  21. Major Orange

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    The SWAT team showed up to the block party! Texas' bigs come up big! Great win for our young Horns! [​IMG]
  22. DINO22

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    Great Job by the Coach's and the Player's.
  23. Vol Horn 4 Life

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    Wow! Nice win Horns!

  24. tejas77

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    Taylor is on fire, I love that floater of his. Holmes played big today and I believe Ridley outplayed Embiid who will be a top 5 pick in the NBA next year.

    Big win by Barnes and company. I sure hope we can add Elijah Thomas to this bunch! [​IMG]
  25. Statalyzer

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    In the half or maybe earlier in the second Ibeh swatted a couple of shots out of bounds emphatically. Was nice to see late in the game how he blocked a couple towards other teammates. Even more than the 12 blocks we accumulated as a team, the threat of them really changed Kansas' entire offense.
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  28. lhbruleshalftime

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    I vote Rick Barnes for coach of the year in the Big 12, and serious consideration nationally! Holmes and Ridley look completely different this year, and if they can coax an offensive game out of Ibeh, look out!
  29. Tommy_Grand

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    Amazing, dominant win. Respect for Coach Barnes and the whole team. 4 straight is no fluke. I agree with those who predict a rank in the 16-20 range. Now 17-4 having faced a top-20 schedule + we should dominate the cockroach on Tuesday. Down the road, March 1 re-match v ou could be very interesting...
  30. Wishbonemac

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    Credit their fans for turing out in force.

    Credit the Team for keeping them quiet and in their seats after the 10-10 point of the game.

    The Erwin Center is a magical place still and a tremendous advantage when full. I don't remember it ever being louder.

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