Jaylon Guilbeau suspended

Discussion in 'On The Field' started by LHABSOB, Apr 12, 2022.


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    On3 is reporting 2 suspensions.... Guilbeau, and ? The infamous team rules violation. Guilbeau is currently not with the team. Safe to say his spring is done.
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    Portaled himself to community college!
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    Not SEC ready.
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    Bummer, heard he was looking good. But Culture>talent....
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    Poop. I guess this isn't what he was expecting.
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    SEC ready. FIFY. :smile1:
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    Whatever happened to that coach with the stripper and the monkey?
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    Go to the coaches page at TexasSports. He's listed under "Recruiting Gurus"
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    Ha! They should list some of the posters on the HornFans.com Recruiting Board as “Recruiting Gurus”. Some of y’all are probably more knowledgeable than some of the “official” Recruiting Gurus.

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