Jeff Ward- The Game Changer 1983 through 1986

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    Billy Dale The History of Longhorn Sports through 2014

    The interview and introduction are by Professor Larry Carlson.
    There are likely many Americans who know Michael Strahan only as a cuddly and personable morning TV host. And those who think Joe Namath is just some old guy who reminds Medicare recipients to check their zip codes for extra benefits. Strange as it might seem, not all folks know about Act I for these gents. Similarly, there have undoubtedly been tens of thousands, likely many, many more, who know Jeff Ward as strictly a provocative, compelling talk show host. The man who had listeners cussing and discussing him and his takes on current events for twenty years on KLBJ has since worked in a similar capacity for Gannett/Austin American-Statesman and now delivers tasty daily content for Hot Pie Media. His mantra is this: "My only agenda is to make you think." But in another time, going back almost four decades, Jeff Ward was the Texas Longhorns leading scorer for an unprecedented four straight football seasons. From the pinnacle of an 11-0 regular season in '83 to the depths of a losing senior season in '86, UT's kicker was the only positive constant during a tumultuous era. Ward's 15 field goals often provided the W's, by the narrowest of margins.
    For the rest of Jeff’s exclusive interview for TLSN click on for Access to the site is free. Jeff is the newest addition to over 60 Podcasts and interviews on TLSN who helped build the Longhorn sports brand.

    1987 football Jeff Ward  (6).jpg 1986 Jeff Ward is tied for first in the NCAA with 10 game-winning field goals..jpg Jeff-Ward.png
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