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    Any news on Jeffcoat? I worked the Texas Elite Basketball camp this summer and He was there. He's a really good bball player, but I'm salivating at the chance to watch him line up on saturdays on our d line. Do we have a good shot at him?
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  3. OUsucksATMblows

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    not sure what that emoticon means. I apologize if I am ignorant to the current state of our recruiting. It isn't something I follow closely everyday. I choose to support the guys that show up on campus rather hang my hopes and dreams on the decision of an 18 yr old.

    with that being said, I hope we get Jeffcoat. If not then i'm sure our coaches will find some other "diamond in the rough" that will be the next great player at Texas.
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    Don't worry about the emoticon. I think it is more a gesture of how much all of us are waiting to see what he does. He would be an amazing addition to a stellar class.

    Jeffcoat is playing it close to the vest and unless something really unexpected happens at the Army AA game, he will not announce until later on or even on signing my opinion.
  5. OUsucksATMblows

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    Thanks a bunch Erie. A buddy of mine that follows recruiting really closely told me he thought we would get Jeffcoat. He's usually right so I hope he's right on this one, but since I coach HS kids I know how their decision making process works and anything is possible.
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    Yeh his Florida visit is on the 15th I believe so that gives him likely 2 more weeks to put a decision off. I don't think he can visit OU officially so it will have to be an unofficial.
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    I believe that Ketch said he was rooming with Reggie Wilson this week. I would like to hear those conversations.
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    A commitment from him and Hicks would greatly help take the sting of the Rose Bowl loss.
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    If he's still considering USC, I hear Carroll is talking to Seattle. Might make it us & Fla...
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    The coaching situation at Florida needs to settle down before we start acting like they're a huge threat here. I don't know this for sure, but judging by their recent hire at DC it looks as though they may be making the move to 3-4, given his recent NFL stops. Plus Dan McCarney, UF's DL coach and Jeffcoat's lead recruiter, is a leading candidate for the open USF job.
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    they almost have to come here IMO. Look at both Florida and USC having problems in coaching. They could both lose half or more of their coaching staff. In today's recruiting, a supertalented kid doesn't commit to a school, he commits to coaches. Actually, with that idea, it's a complete no brainer for Jeffcoat and Hicks to come to Texas, play for Muschamp.

    Hicks, OHIOSt. has stable coaches, so they're in the mix, I guess?
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    since the Meyer announcement, Florida has been cleaning up in case no one has been paying attention. All you hear at these 3 all-star games is ***** talked to Urban Meyer and was assured that he'd be coach next year, then said kid commits.
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    i'm sick of the florida crap. they are recruiting against usc based on usc having coaching uncertainty? and they pull in 3 more 5 stars today? i'm sure they're still in it for henderson as well. as long as we get at least one of hicks/jeffcoat i'm happy i guess (both would be awesome) [​IMG]
  14. Owlhorn

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    don't know what Meyer has been telling kids, but like I said, he's been cleaning up since his announcement. Wouldn't surprise me to see Jeffcoat and Hicks go their anyway.
  15. warrior

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    Florida has already signed several 5 star defensive players, Texas needs to sign Hicks and Jeffcoat.
  16. Third Coast

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    Amazing that Florida is still raking them in with all the vacillation going on with the staff.
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    Jeffcoat, Wilson and Okafor at DE. Wow! [​IMG]
  19. accuratehorn

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    I wouldn't say it's a done deal, but this news sounds very positive for our chances for Mr. Jeffcoat. Would love to see it happen.
  20. the Saint

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    QUESTIONS: If I told you that as of today Jackson Jeffcoat had made up his mind where he was going to attend college, but that he was holding out until signing day to announce it, what could that decision be? Does it bode well for Texas?
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    If his decision was made today, like you hypothesis, then I would think it would have to be Texas.

    Of the major players, he canceled Fla, is upset with USC, and hasn't taken his official to OU yet, that would leave Texas sitting pretty.

    So, what are you telling us?
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    Assuming nothing major changes at Texas between now and then I think the current situation in general bodes well for Texas (cancellation of Fla. visit, number of DE's already committed to Fla., USC troubles, etc.).

    Perhaps he is just holding as long as possible to make sure that another radical coaching change doesn't occur at his school of choice. Given that both the Meyer and Carroll situations seemed to come out of no where, that's probably a prudent decision no matter where he wants to go.
  23. HornLivin

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    With both Carroll and Norton heading from USC to Seattle, and Jeffcoat canceling his visit to Florida this week, I'm feeling really good about this one. [​IMG]
  24. Crockett

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    I watched Jeffcoat play in person and I think he will be ready next fall for some serious playing time in the two deep. There's not a blocking scheme he hasn't seen. The amount of multi-blocker situations he faced from 240-270 pound 5A linemen would have broken the average Defensive End off at the knees. This kid will shine in college and the pros.
  25. DVPMD

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    hell, put him on the basketball team too. i'm sure the kid would love the chance to win a national championship in 2 sports, what other school could offer him that?
  26. mcbrett

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    uhhh.. Florida could .
  27. Horn_2004

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    Florida BBall isn't exactly so hot lately.
  28. OUEngineer

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    I still think OU has a good shot. He will be visiting on the 22nd and we still have an 'ace in the hole' -- his twin sister, Jacqueline.

    It may mean nothing, but it may mean something, too. I hardly think he's a lock to anywhere at this point.

    I kinda think he may end up w/his dad at UH. Just a gut feeling I've been having.
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    OU is irrelevant. Their losing streak will continue with Gilbert at the helm. Come on Jeffcoat, join the Horns. Imagine that D-LINE!

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