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  1. glenn

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    oh, my god. don't tell me gilbert is transferring. i can't stand it.
  2. glenn

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    oh, you mean OUR helm. oh, thank goodness. whew.
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    Ummm Glenn...maybe a couple of valium are called for?
  4. Horn69

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    so, 3 of his visits are family related.

    UH and ASU - his dad
    OU - his sister

    that leaves Texas, Fla and USC.

    Horns are the only one of the 3 not going through a coaching upheaval.

    Joila. Come on down Jackson [​IMG]

    Hook'em!!! [​IMG]
  5. VirginiaLonghorn

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    ..... and what if his Dad ends up being DL coach for Kiffin at USC?
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  7. PropositionJoe

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    just read that OUs DL coach is going to miss. state to be co-DC...apparently the elder jeffcoat was stoops' second choice the last go around.

    dont know what that means for the younger jeffcoat.
  8. CanaTigers

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  9. PropositionJoe

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    truthfully that was the direction that i thought it would go as well.

    i also dont know how open he'd be to being coached by his dad as well.
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    If my dad was going to be my DL coach at OU, I think I would have to join him. OU will probably negotiate JJ's tuition into his Dad's salary so he would not have to use a scholarship. (if that's possible, not the overt salary adjustment, but paying my son's education, like happened in Colorado).

    Here's hoping Jeffcoat stays in Houston and his son comes to Texas.
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    [​IMG] **** blOwU
  12. CraigHorn

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    this does not sit well with me
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    Holy crap. Way to ruin the weekend. This should be illegal.
  14. triplehorn

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    Beyond matters regarding where his son plays, I have to think Jim Jeffcoat coaching at ou could be a shot in the arm for ou's future recruiting in North Texas. A lot of parents of kids entering college these days rooted for the elder Jeffcoat on Sundays.
  15. #10

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    Rooting for a Cowboy is much different than sending my child to be a Sooner!
  16. triplehorn

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    Thanks, I needed that.

  17. glenn

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    hmmm . . . pardon me if this has been said. i don't feel like reading the entire thread.

    i remember some talk that a program was quietly eliminated for jackson due to some football recruiting that the jeffcoats thought was not per the rules. speculation was that it was ou. so now you are telling me that ou football might get not one but two jeffcoats?

    doen't sound too promising to me.
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  19. glenn

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    you know, actually i may be looking at this in a short-sighted way.

    maybe jim realizes he NEEDS to coach under middle game bob. maybe he needs some time hanging in the for-real bill snyder/bob stoops tree so he can learn how to properly handle young men. maybe old schmitty will let him watch as his son is grown up before his very eyes. and both can learn that young men can eat all manner of things and not usually suffer permanent harm.

    yeah, that's it. kind of a finishing school for coaches, so jim can be be turned out like so many of the graduates of the snyder/stoops approach. you know, like leavitt and mangino. i mean coaches who are truly finished.
  20. H-D Rider

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    Any linky to this meltdown before it becomes a China Syndrome?

  21. CraigHorn

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    thanks TT for a good reminder and perspective.
  22. glenn

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    interesting blog article from a staff writer for the plano courier-gazette posted last night for today's consumption. the writer believes that jackson will pull the trigger for us later this week.

    i don't know anything about the writer, but he said in an earlier blog he mentions cheering for bama in the title game, so he's obviously no longhorn camp-follower.

    someone should tell him that 'alright' isn't really a word. to his credit, though, he never once used 'alot' or 'moreso' in either of the blogs.

    i found mention of this blog on another longhorn board. jeesh, we are inundated with neophyte trolls these days. i bet the old, established trolls who quietly wait for a chance to be harmful really grind their teeth over the newbies.
  23. HornFinc

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    Thanks for the post, glenn. I love reading new stuff like this, but I still can't get excited until I hear it from Jeffcoat himself. But I'm always a pessimist when it comes to UT recruiting - convince yourself early that it's not going to happen and then be very pleasantly surprised when it does!
  24. jamesmaner

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    Too late. My hopes are up. This is usually when the let down comes.
  25. jayakris

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    If this writer (Hageland) is wrong....get a rope and out of Dodge!
  27. glenn

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    rj, that is rght to a certain extent. formally it isn't a word, while informally, long usage has given it a marginal sense of legitimacy. it does mark the writer as a bit sloppy, like using made-up words like 'copacetic'.

    it's kind of like common misspellings. the reason to not use it is not that you won't be understood, but that knowledgeable readers will be distracted from your message for just a moment. kind of like a pump fake distracts a safety or linebacker just the moment needed to get him out of position. when you want to be understood by the educated reader as well as the bumpkin, use the safer choice. that way you hit both and your wording doesn't distract either from what you want to convey.

    just my too sents.
  28. WTHorn

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    Good analysis Glenn. However, capitalization (or the lack thereof) is another one of those things that distracts the educated reader and bumpkins like me. [​IMG]
  29. l00p

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    it's uphauling.
  30. ImissWallyPryor

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    The correct term is "two scents." Pop meat kettle.

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