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  1. glenn

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    i love a purr raid.
  2. the Saint

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    Jim Jeffcoat is staying put at UH according to KRIV in Houston.
  3. scharnell

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    well, that's good news, if true...but I still OU could pose a threat.

    Could that be read as Jackson doesnt like OU, and thus he dad didnt want to take the job and face his son for 4 years?
  4. Heretic Horn

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    Nah, I'm thinking Bob Stoops and the ethically upright folks in Norman just decided they didn't even want to impart the appearance of impropriety.

  5. glenn

    glenn 1,000+ Posts

    interesting, saint. i'd like to know the particulars.

    one of the burnt orange nation guys said the other day that he'd like to see poppa j in austin even if jackson went another way, or couldn't play, or some such. i agreed absolutely. of course, infinitely better if young j were to come, too.

    earlier reports suggest that jim is the upstanding kind of guy we want our coaches to be. if he has the ability to impart what he knows, i hope mack and will will tell him to sit tight for a little while, and he could have a long and very prosperous career here.
  6. deserthorn

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    why would you think we need Jeffcoat to coach. We have pretty damn good chemistry on the defensive side of the ball. Our DE's have done a great job the last few years. Oscar Giles is the man.
  7. scharnell

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    man, we could use Jeffcoat's basketball skills on the inside tonight...K-State is killing us and we are playing flat!!!
  8. glenn

    glenn 1,000+ Posts

    thank you for asking that, deserthorn. i didn't think to mention my interest was at dt, not de.

    oscar ain't going nowhere, soda speak.

    tolley has been great coaching dt's, but i'm guessing he may hang it up when mack steps down. i don't know if something like this is possible or even beneficial, but i'd like to see him in an emeritus role, passing on what he knows about coaching dt to a youngster.

    i certainly don't know of anyone more fit to take over than jim jeffcoat, particularly when you consider that his cowboy experience might make him a natural to recruit nearly anywhere in the region, but especially the dfw area.

    that would dovetail nicely with their goals for jackson, i think. my understanding is that jim wants jackson to develop even more while playing college ball, and he probably knows just about everything his dad knows already. (ps: 'already' is a word and is probably the word that made people 100 years ago think that 'alright' is a word, too.)

    jim at dt would coordinate a lot ('a lot' is two words) with oscar, but jackson would learn from the guy who is tearing it up at de and the guy who is tearing it up at dc, but his dad would have a hand in, too.

    so perfect a fit that no way it will happen, huh?
  9. deserthorn

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    If he was that great a position coach he probably would not be at Cougar High right now.
  10. glenn

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    too early to tell. he hasn't been coaching all that long. one reason i like the thought of teaming him with tolley.

    the things that i hear from him regarding jackson's development and recruitment and the business acumen he has displayed suggest he is one sharp dude and that he is extraordinarily clued-in. a couple of necessary attributes, i would imagine. he kind of reminds me of a racing driver back in the day who seemed extraordinarily sharp. you may heard of roger penske. penske's great driving career was merely step one for him.

    moreover (that is a word while 'moreso' is not), if the comments regarding the family's sense of right and wrong and avoidance of compromising behavior are right, these guys are textbook longhorn material.

    i bet muschamp could tell you if he has promise. : )

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