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    Did y'all read where Israel has finally said "enough" on the riots which occur on Temple Mount?

    There's about to be a change in the administration of access there.

    Simultaneously ... Trump's "part one" "deal of the century" to recognize and establish the Palestinian economy ... 25 June.

    The man God put into my life about 6 months ago, Dr. Robert Mawire ... right after Netanyahu's election, he stated this summer ... specifically late June/early July ... the peace deal would become reality.

    I've been intrigued by this man's message and his book "Chronogram Code." A MAJOR confirmation of what he's been preaching if this deal is actually closed ... WHEN he said it would be.

    'Israel will no longer tolerate Arab riots on Temple Mount'
  2. Seattle Husker

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    Can't establish the Palestinian economy without the Palestinians. They aren't attending due to the tacit approval of the Trump Admin for the continued siezure of Palestinian land by Israel.

    This plan is DOA because it's one-sided in favor of Israel.
  3. ShAArk92

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    We shall see.
  4. Seattle Husker

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    I hope for positive results but based on what we know of the plan so far, the actions taken to date (Abbas just said Trump can "go to hell", Bibi promising to annex the Golan Heights), and
    Pompeo's comments in the conversation with Jewish leaders and Israel political turmoil (new election) I don't see a way forward with the plan. Based on all reports it was conceived absent Palestinian input.
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    I want to see what happens when Netanyahu takes away administrative access of the holy site from Jordan. I'm sure it will lead to more peace. We'll see.
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    I'm pretty sure that was the intent all along.

    One more step closer to effecting the Oslo Accords ... whomever does that ... circle with a red pen.
  7. Seattle Husker

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    The Oslo Accords? Not a chance that Israel removes all the settlements and military from the Palestinian lands they agreed to under that 1993 agreement.
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    Why is that? Did someone not live up to their end of the bargain? Hmmm?
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    I find it fascinating ... and a major confirmation ... as this plays-out.

    Netanyahu wasn't supposed to be re-elected for a record 5th term, either ... but he did. There are a LOT of "nuances" occurring in Israel's government this year. Most of 'em I'm really not well versed beyond recognition.

    One I personally appreciate, though, is the number he needed ... 61 ... somewhat like our 270 Electoral Votes to win the POTUS election.

    I'm restoring my first car ... 1961 Impala! :)
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  14. Horn6721

    Horn6721 Half of seeming clever is keeping your mouth shut.

    I guess you have not read Mein Kampf.
  15. LongestHorn

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    How far did the good doctor move his date, specifically?
  16. iatrogenic

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    Hopefully less than 12 years because it won't matter after that.
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    At 71 yo I’ve seen a thousand of these predictions and none have borne fruit. Neither will this one

    There is no road to peace any more than there was with the Comanches and for the same reason——nobody on one side can make a deal that the others will agree to.

    The Palestinians have effectively been moved to Oklahoma. They will not be so lucky as to find oil and if they open casinos nobody will come

    I am neither Jewish or Arab and while I have great sympathy for both I think all we should do is make sure neither wipes out the other
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  18. Monahorns

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    I don't think the Israelis are perfect. However, they do allow Palestinians Arabs to be citizens and they do have political representation in one of their political parties.
  19. ShAArk92

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    Actually ... do you not recall that meeting in UAE regarding palestine? June 26 IIRC yeah, that happened ... with a follow-up scheduled ... a two-pronged meeting. This was to make the move toward the Oslo Accords ... the Two State solution.

    Israel hosting a 70 nation conference this week (tomorrow? I don't recall) on this very thing.

    But for this understanding ... there was a jumping and misunderstanding. I expect you'll ridicule this and that will only underscore the validity of the prophetic words. "you'll be persecuted for My namesake." So it's OK and I'm not bothered by it.

    The year which will contain "The Day of The Lord" is 2026 (not the day nor the hour ... Moses was told 40 years in the wilderness, Noah was told 120 years to prep, Jeremiah was told 70 years in Babylonian captivity) ... the 7 year "confirmed covenant" ... won't last 7 years. This was the piece I was missing ...

    the 2nd half of that period will be "cut short" said Jesus in Matt 24 ... We are told that at the mid-point the antichrist (who leads the world peace agreement) will enter the Temple (about to be built) and declare himself to be God, demanding all worship him. Then interestingly, there's an entity called "The Two Witnesses" .... whom antichrist murders/has murdered ... their bodies lay in the street for 3 days before they are resuscitated. So, the "confirmed covenant" and the Jew's resumption of animal sacrifices in the 3rd Temple can be delayed as late as July '22 to account for the first 3.5 years plus 3 days ... or as early as 1 Jan 20 and the prophesy will be accurately fulfilled.

    So ... if we don't have this new world order by the summer of '22 ... then repost

    And between now and then ... perhaps it'd be constructive to consider the motivation for the post ... for one's own good. Accept or reject. it won't change what I believe and it won't change what happens to me. But it will change what happens to you.
  20. Seattle Husker

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    That was the one which the Palestinians didn't participate, right? It was an economic forum for the Palestinians in which many of the world's movers and shakers bowed out.

    What was the outcome of the fist meeting? When is the second meeting scheduled?

    I'm not sure how a peaceful solution can be achieved when one side isn't participating.

    Now, let's talk about WHY they aren't participating.

    Biased arbitration. The US is siding 100% with Israel in every situation. If you said "Seattle, we are going to move you to Lubbock, we'll downsize your house, wall in your neighborhood and not allow you to visit Disneyland ever again." Now let's start negotiations only for you to guffaw at why I'd show you the middle-finger, both of em.

    Yeah, it's understandable why the Palestinians don't want to participate in the current negotiations.
  21. ShAArk92

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    IDK why you chose LBB ... I can think of a LOT worse places which would aid the illustration you seem to be attempting to make ... but anyway.

    The deal is going to be imposed and the Palestinians will get most of what they have claimed to have wanted ... but Israel's death, of course.

    A friend posted this just today ... (now, I'm not the resident scholar on the operations of the Israeli government, I thought the election was already held, but evidently there's more to "it" that that?)

    "Netanyahu has 28 days, with a possible two week extension.
    In that time, Trump will bring his ‘peace treaty’, the Deal of the century, by way of his son-in-law, Jared Kirshner. The two-state solution, offering the Palestinians a Statehood, and a Capital at Abu Dis, will move sufficient Arab seats to give Netanyahu the 61 he needs."

    Now, IDK if this means the proposal will be "effective" in 28 days (plus 14?). Doubt it ... but the DEAL gets done ... based on the Oslo Accords already rolled-up, ready to be "unrolled."

    The result of that first meeting was establishing provision for a recognized Palestinian currency. IDK if they're calling it the Palestinian Dinar or what, but that was the goal and it was met. This next one will, as my friend states, establish the geographic boundaries and even the Palestinian capitol.

    So ... what's 28 days from today? 23 Oct ... to as late as 6 November? to "setup" this new Israeli govt ... the 61 votes of the Knesset (sp?) ..... by the TCU or the KState game.
  22. Seattle Husker

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    I've never been to Lubbock but West Texas has never been talked of fondly here so I was trying to create a metaphor that would resonate. Still, as someone who left Nebraska for good in '89, moving me to LBB would be hell, a little like forcing the Palestinians into the West Bank and Gaza.

    "The deal will be imposed"? Does that sound like the start of a successful deal? If I told you that you'd be forced to root for the Sooners for eternity in exchange something I'm telling you you want and you have no say in the matter, how would you react? Exuberant?

    As I understand it the election is a dead heat with the 2 tied parties (Right-wing vs. Centrists) unable to muster the needed 61 seats in the Knesset. Some arbiter (President) feels Netanyahu has the best chance, albeit very slim, to get a coalition of parties together to get to 61. He has 6 weeks to do this. Of course, Netanyahu's best chance is to woo a key far-right party that blocked the formation of the government last time resulting in election #2.

    What's standing in Netanyahu's way is that the Israeli AG is deciding whether to indict him for corruption. That decision is expected in October so there is zero motivation to stand with the Likud party while they are under a cloud on Netanyahu's making.

    Should Netanyahu be unable to form a coalition resulting in 61 seats then his arch rival Bennie Ganz gets 6 weeks to take his shot. Some political pundits think its advantageous to go 2nd because the weariness of the Israeli voters against another election. If Ganz can't make it happen then they go to election #3

    I think the World needs a deal but color me skeptical. How does a deal get done when Israel's political elite are consumed in the malaise of forming a government? Any "deal" executed by Israel without the Palestinians will already sacrifice Jerusalem and all the land stolen from them in the West Bank. Expecting them to accept it and skip off is bordering on lunacy.
  23. ShAArk92

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    Perhaps, but that's my expectation.

    You gave a good recap of the situation. did you read this article?

    I think Trump's revealed plan will be enough to get Netanyahu the 61 votes.

    I could be wrong. We'll soon see, eh?
  24. iatrogenic

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  25. Seattle Husker

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    I hadn't read that article but its good to see I wasn't too far off.

    Do you think Trump will be able to debut any sort of Israeli peace plan amidst his current political turmoil? I don't. At this point any plan sans Palestinian support requires immense power from Trump and Netanyahu to essentially edict the solution. They both are at their weakest point of power since taking their respective offices.
  26. Mr. Deez

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    I think the better comparison would be Waco - the land of smelly tap water and one-legged strippers.
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    IDK about the one-legged strippers ... but LBB has some pretty bad smelling tap water (Lake Meredith) ... LOTTA mineral in it too. fixtures don't last long.
    I think this point is precisely why it will happen. We're all about to get a case lesson in power ... and it's not of Trump or Netanyahu's power.
  28. LongestHorn

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    Like, biblical?
  29. AustinHorn24

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    If any of you have been to Israel you'll know it's a nation of contradictions.

    Having been to both Tel Aviv and Jerusalem I'm hard pressed to find totally different cities within just an hour of each other.

    Tel Aviv is San Francisco. Secular, liberal, almost no religious presence, big tech companies everywhere, major commerce center, right on the beach. Although obviously strongly Jewish, you will see very few people wearing yarmulkes there. It's Jewish only by ethnicity, not by religion.

    If Tel Aviv is the brain of Israel, then Jerusalem is the heart and unlike any city I've ever been to. There's almost zero modern presence to the city at all, every building looks hundreds of years old. Hell it's routine to walk thru the Old City and see remnants of Roman arches from 2500 years ago.

    Knowing the hatred between the Palestinians and Jews I was shocked at how peaceful the city actually was. You have Arabs and Jews getting along for the most part. I was expecting daily terrorist suicide strikes and missile launches but saw none of that. There were Israeli security checkpoints every 1/2 mile or so inside the Old City, but the guards (some of whom were girls who looked no older than 20) seemed relaxed and wore smiles every time I saw them.

    I'm pretty sure there will never be any kind of lasting peace arrangement but I encourage every one of you to visit at least once, especially if you are a Christian. The sites around the country require lots of walking and it would be difficult to do as an elderly person so go now while you are young and can walk for miles without assistance. You'll regret if you wait until you are older.
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  30. ShAArk92

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    I do. The lion will lay down with the lamb ... Jews and Arabs Will too.

    I DO want to make the trip and before things change in the next couple of years.

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