Jevan Snead has died

Discussion in 'On The Field' started by El Sapo, Sep 22, 2019.

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    OH MY GOD!! That is a shock! RIP Jevan. :hookem::bevo::texasflag:
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    Yes, VERY sad. :hookem:
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    RIP Jevan. :(
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    Rest In Peace, Jevan.
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    wow prayers sent
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    No foul play??? Got Bless the poor family! RIP Jevan. So sad.
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    RIP Big Man.

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    Prayers for that kid and his family but that news report is full of confab ********.
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    RIP, Jevan. :hookem:
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    No additional explanation yet?
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    RIP and prayers for the family
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    RIP Jevan. :hookem:
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    My son once asked me if I was afraid to die? My answer has always been no. I've lived for 51 years, there are so many that haven't had the life or blessings I've received. It's not a tragedy for an old fart like me to die, it's a tragedy for young people like Jevan to die before they have really had a chance to live.

    Rest in Peace young man.
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    RIP Jevan...........sad ending for this young man.
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    That was a tough read. I love watching football, I cant stop being a fan of the game, but for many years now I have cringed at every big hit rather than cheering it and if I am completely honest I want my son to have no part of ever playing it and honestly hope that if he is athletically inclined he is drawn to baseball or soccer or some other sport.
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    Dang! Heartbreaking!
  29. Detective Shilala

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    So sad. God bless him and his family. I can only imagine how his dad who clearly loved him so dearly feels.

    My 10 year old son loves flag football and I know that he is going to want to take the next step soon. I hate to tell him no, but I will.
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    I remember my 50th party. My father died at 56 so I felt old. Two years ago had number 75 yes feel old now. Planted two fruit trees yesterday knowing I will not be eating a lot of their apples. Dying gets closer every year and being afraid is a waste of time. Dying at 36 is a real shame. RIP Jevan.
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