Jevan Snead has died

Discussion in 'On The Field' started by El Sapo, Sep 22, 2019.

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    OH MY GOD!! That is a shock! RIP Jevan. :hookem::bevo::texasflag:
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    Yes, very sad. :hookem:
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    RIP Jevan. :(
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    Rest In Peace, Jevan.
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    wow prayers sent
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    No foul play??? Got Bless the poor family! RIP Jevan. So sad.
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    RIP Big Man.

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    Prayers for that kid and his family but that news report is full of confab ********.
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    RIP, Jevan. :hookem:
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    No additional explanation yet?
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    RIP and prayers for the family
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    RIP Jevan. :hookem:
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    My son once asked me if I was afraid to die? My answer has always been no. I've lived for 51 years, there are so many that haven't had the life or blessings I've received. It's not a tragedy for an old fart like me to die, it's a tragedy for young people like Jevan to die before they have really had a chance to live.

    Rest in Peace young man.
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