Jim Rome's rant about VY

Discussion in 'Classics' started by general35, Dec 11, 2006.

  1. orange_xpress

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    Other than having the whole cowboy thing going on, The Stranger dressed like any 'ole average joe.
  2. Steinbeckford

    Steinbeckford 25+ Posts

    Other than the repeat punches to junk of unfortunate opponents, Andrew Golota was a pretty clean fighter.
  3. Mike_Tyson

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  4. Steinbeckford

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    Ok. Here's another for ya.

    Other than the whole biting off part of Evander's ear thing, Mike Tyson was a pretty clean fighter. [​IMG]
  5. rocks

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    Other than a few lapses, Paris Hilton is a big believer in abstinence
  6. Mike_Tyson

    Mike_Tyson 500+ Posts

    Other than the beautiful face, great smile, nice hair, incredible body...3rd from the Right is just like every other girl.
  7. Steinbeckford

    Steinbeckford 25+ Posts

    Other than the talk about eating other people's children, I don't understand why people might feel threatened by Mike Tyson.
  8. WideHorns

    WideHorns 25+ Posts

    Other than the absence of orange pants and capes, the Longhorns unis were ******* allsome this season.
  9. Mike_Tyson

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  10. ElCuernoLargo

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    Other than the raging poverty, unstable financial market, and lack of alcohol, the 1930s was a prosperous time in the United States.
  11. Steinbeckford

    Steinbeckford 25+ Posts

    "Rape might have something to do with it. "

    Damn, I suck at these. [​IMG]
  12. chiwanna

    chiwanna 100+ Posts

    Other than the fact that people tend to die, Bon Fire is a great idea! WHOOP!
  13. LonghornGirlie

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    Except for cheering as her team's hopes for a third national championship died, Natalie is a damn fine Song girl.
  14. orangebones

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    other than being ou, ou doesn't suck all that much.
  15. adamhorn

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  16. numbereleven

    numbereleven 250+ Posts

    Other than the constant threat of Aggy rape, being a sheep in Brazos County ain't half-bad.
  17. cyfair horn

    cyfair horn First Time Poster

    Other than the raging case of herpes, aids, and the clap I had a GREAT time with Anna Nicole Smith.

    Other than her son just dying, it was a great day to get married.
  18. Uncle Rico

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    Other than the bankruptcy and scandal that caused him to lose all his $ and have a heart attack, Ken Lay's run as CEO of Enron was ******* brilliant.

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  20. VictorY 10

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    Other than having to play the second half and overtime, the Oilers' 1993 playoff game against the Bills was a rousing success.
  21. blacklab

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    Other than the whole choking thing, Mama Cass really enjoyed that last ham sandwich.
  22. Spankytoes

    Spankytoes 100+ Posts

    Other than the fact that she got pregnant on her first time, having sex with my former girlfriend was spectacular.
  23. El Cid Vicious

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  24. Bookman

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    Other than the fact that it's boring as ****, soccer is a great sport.
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  25. Uncle Rico

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    Other than the fact it's France and the French are total cocksuckers, France rocks.
  26. WaywardHorn

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    Other than that whole anal leakage thing, WOW! chips are the bomb!!
  27. Mrmyke709

    Mrmyke709 1,000+ Posts

    Other than having quite a few sucky albums, Creed is a great band.
  28. NJlonghorn

    NJlonghorn 1,000+ Posts

    Other than the last fraction of a second, skydiving without a parachute is quite safe.
  29. afat

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  30. 13evO

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    The main message of Oliver Stone’s movie, “Nixon,” was that other than Watergate and the handling of the Vietnam War, Nixon’s Presidency achieved domestic and international success.

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