Jobs Biden has cost Americans

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    You could say that. I pretty much do. I also hate cheaters in recruiting. All of it. I'm not a saint but I know what's right and wrong.

    But the stakes for our country have been divided in two and we have to choose a side.

    I don't know why Trump lied so much. He could have been maintained his macho New York bully pulpit style self but it could have been communicated honestly.

    For instance, take immigration (which I've mentioned before):

    "As your President, I am sworn to uphold the Constitution, including our immigration laws, which were passed by the Legislative Branch. I will strictly enforce them in the most humane manner possible, given the problems we have seen of children being sent to our borders without parents and coyotes smuggling multiple people in horrible conditions. We welcome everyone to apply for legal status in the US at the border check-points that have been specifically provided for this purpose, because to cross in any other way is, in addition to illegal immigration, trespassing. And I've talked to many landowners along the border and beyond trespassing, they are being threatened and are also suffering from theft and property damage. It's not my problem that it takes a long time to process masses of people. We will vet them fully for communicable diseases and sympathies to ensure the safety and health OF THE AMERICAN PEOPLE. If you do not like what I am doing, call your Congressman. If you want the DACA kids to be given a path to citizenship, call your Congressman. I'm not providing an opinion on any of that. I'm enforcing the law and I will repeat this message in the most general sense possible; it is not about race, it is about the law. That is my job and I won't be intimidated or swayed by any arguments that demand an executive order that encroaches upon the domain of the Legislative Branch. They hold the solution. I hold the mandate to uphold their solution. Until I see a new one, then I will uphold the solutions as provided."

    There is nothing in that statement that is inflammatory unless you're the type who wants something contrary to the law. The speech is to be delivered firmly apology. If that speech is not good enough for the Left then too bad. And we know it wouldn't be good enough for them. They would continue to attack in the most vicious way possible. And they will continue to welcome illegal immigrants with sanctuary cities, impediments to federal law enforcement, demands that ICE be abolished and with benefits to be paid by the American taxpayer.

    That's what they would do.

    It's up to Congress. And if the American people have voted for gridlock, then that is the way we will run our country.
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    That sums it up very neatly. The job of the Executive branch is to carry out the laws of the U.S. - all of them, not just the ones you agree with. If Congress changes the law, that's different - but as long as the law is on the books, it should be enforced.
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