Jody Conradt Turns 80

Discussion in 'Women’s Basketball' started by DFW_Horn, May 13, 2021.

  1. DFW_Horn

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    Longhorn Extra got some notable Texas Exes to wish Coach Conradt a Happy 80th Birthday...

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  2. Horn6721

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    Such a claasy person and a great Longhorn :bevo::ousucks:
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  3. brnkj

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    Happy Birthday Coach!
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  4. yelladawgdem

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    Longhorn Royalty.

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  5. longhornlegend

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    Poster child for class and just doing it the right way. Wish her a long healthy life!!
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  6. 32horn

    32horn < 25 Posts

    I am so appreciative of the amazing years under Coach Conradt...
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  7. yelladawgdem

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    The generation that was not around when Lady Longhorn Basketball was not just a sporting event, it was a social event, can't understand what it was like. Going a freaking decade without losing to a SWC team, drawing bigger crowds than any other team in the league...MEN'S OR WOMEN'S. Barbara Jordan, the Akers, the McWilliams, Ann Richards often sitting at the scorer's table. The handing of the Yellow Roses to the visiting team during the player introduction. And for those who go WAY back, the announcement that the FEC was an entirely smoke-free facility, and the roar that the crowd would let out. Those were the halcyon days.

    And no one was more pleased with this year's team in San Antonio than Jody was. The steal and the transition basket on defense that gave them the lead for good against Maryland........the look on her face said it all, "I've seen this before". And that speaks as much to the LEGEND of Jody Conradt as all the wins, all of the banners, all of the hardware, all of the HOF's. It was well prepared young women, mastering fundamentals, rising to the challenge when it mattered most, when no one thought that they "belonged".

    Because that, along with a 98% graduation rate, was what Jody Conradt Basketball was all about. And how grateful I am that I am old enough to remember watching her shake her head when Clarissa or Kamie or one of the dozens of other great players she had, did something else impossible on the court. It was on honor.

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  8. Chop

    Chop 5,000+ Posts

    She was very kind towards the Erwin Center staff--from the managers to the janitors. Not arrogant, not full of herself at all. Happy (belated) Birthday!
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  9. flash34

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    When my daughter was a sophomore in high school and we were playing in Sandra Meadows Tournament in Duncanville, my daughter’s coach introduced her in the hallway to Conradt and described her as someone Conradt should be watching. My daughter was not of that level player; however, Coach Conradt spent a few minutes with her making her feel really good. Also the several times we talked to her during Conradt’s summer camps......those few times made me feel she was genuine and kind. Nothing but the best to describe her. Glad she represents us.
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  10. BBV_Horn

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    Just the G.O.A.T......Class, Humor, and the best in her day...from the foot stomp to to icy stare, to the kudos for those coming off the court...those were the days!!
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