Joffe Named Head Women’s Tennis Coach

Discussion in 'Tennis' started by UT Horn Fan, Jun 30, 2015.

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    Yes, solid hire for sure:hookem:

    I guess the big question is how soon can Patterson get them a new place to play?
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    I'm genuinely very surprised they got Joffe, they must have told him "whatever you want, it's yours."

    Now let's get this facility going.
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    Somebody with an inferiority complex is a gonna be mad.
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    The short version: "To leave no room for ambiguity: A large part of my decision to leave has everything to do with my private life. Aside from my passion for my career, at 43 years old it is time to make room for the opportunity to have a meaningful private life, relationship, and even a family. The chance to pursue this critical element makes moving to Austin an obvious choice."

    Basically, B-CS sucks and I need out of here.

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