Johnny Manziel's aggy Uniform Stolen

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    Bwaaaahahahaha! Who would want that piece of crap? Better yet, who would PAY to own that crap? I love the name of the contact person...Detective Dudley (DoRight of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police maybe?) They just keep writing their own jokes!


    Photo by: Associated Press / File
    Texas A&M University Aggies quarterback Johnny Manziel (2) celebrates after throwing a touchdown pass during an NCAA college football game against the Mississippi State University Bulldogs at Kyle Field on Saturday November 9, 2013 in College Station, Texas. (AP Photo/Aaron M. Sprecher)
    Johnny Manziel uniform stolen from Texas A&M museum
    Campus police say Manziel's uniform was stolen in late August.

    Author: Marjorie Owens
    Published: 8:59 PM CDT September 12, 2019
    Updated: 8:59 PM CDT September 12, 2019
    A search for a suspect is underway after someone stole Johnny Manziel's football uniform from the A&M's Hall of Champions.

    The Texas A&M University Police Department posted a photo of a person of interest, who they asked the public to help identify Thursday afternoon. Police later reported the person was identified but didn't reveal further details.

    In a post on their Facebook page, police said they suspected the uniform was stolen on Aug. 26.

    According to the Bryan-College Station Eagle, police estimated the uniform's value at $925.

    During his time playing with A&M, Manziel was the first freshman in college football history to win the Heisman Trophy.

    He went on to play with the NFL when he went 22nd overall in the 2014 draft. He played two seasons with the Cleveland Browns before he was released.

    He then played for the Canadian Football League and later with the Alliance of American Football, which suspended games in April.

    In 2018, Manziel revealed to ABC News he was diagnosed with bipolar disorder, which he said led to his struggles with depression and alcohol abuse.

    "At the end of the day, I can’t help that my wires are a little bit differently crossed than yours," he said. "I can’t help my mental makeup of the way that I was created."

    Manziel battles addiction, bipolar disorder, and a desire to play again

    Police have asked anyone with information on the theft contact Det. Dudley at 979-845-6712 or email him at

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    A coat closet?
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    I'm guessing JFF stole it to help pay for counseling and rehab.
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    $925 value???? Now that’s funny.
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    Yep! And JFF's nasty laundry was probably the only thing in the place, and it wasn't worth takin'!
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    Yeah, not $900, $1,000 value but $925 ... very aggy !!?

    It is an aggy museum piece, why do they put a value on it?
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    They put the period two digits too late...
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    A former corp member is dry humping it as we speak
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    Stolen August 26? They just now had a visitor to the museum who asked “Hey why the empty mannequin next to the milkman?”
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    My guess is to make themselves feel relevant.

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