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    I was asked to come to my son's school.

    Teacher: "Thanks for getting here on such short notice. Its about your son."
    Me: "Alex? What's he done?"
    Teacher: "Well he said to another boy in class, "My daddy could beat up your daddy!" "
    Me: "and?"
    Teacher: "Well, we are going to find out. This is Mr. Smith.... "
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    An economist, an engineer, a physicist and a mathematician were on a train going through Scotland. They see a black sheep from the side angle, grazing in the meadow.

    The economist exclaims: Sheep in Scotland are black.
    The engineer says: No, some sheep in Scotland are black.
    The physicist states: At least one sheep in Scotland is black.
    The mathematician corrects them all, stating: At least one side of at least one sheep in Scotland is black.
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    I keep asking people what LGBT stands for but I can't get a straight answer
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    What do you get when you cross a mosquito with a mountain climber?

    Nothing, you can’t cross a vector and a scalar.

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