Jordan Effing Spieth

Discussion in 'On The Field' started by blonthang, Jun 21, 2015.

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    Congratulations to Jackson Speeth a great longhorn.


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    Nice to see Jordan enjoying himself with the win, as opposed to some French race driver

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    But Norman made collapsing his legacy. Jordan had that opportunity on sunday but refused. One collapse isnt a trend. 2 may not be either but its heading that way. Jordan was clutch and didnt take the bait.
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    Jordan - a class act. Helluva golfer and has his head on straight.
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    Greg Norman was a pro golfer for about 35 years, winning 2 majors, The Open twice.

    In 2015, Jordan Spieth in his 2nd (?) year as a pro won The Masters with a near record setting score, then won The US Open, then tied for 4th in The Open, then finished 2nd in The PGA. Said another way, in Spieth's 2nd year as a pro he equalled Norman's 35 year career total of major wins, not far off of a grand slam (which no one has ever done), and with The Open win yesterday has already passed Norman in major wins, 5 years into his pro career. Spieth is odds on favorite to win The PGA next month. If he does that he would be one of only 4(?) others to earn a career grand slam.

    Now WHO was he being compared to?
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    And, Norman is a philandering SOB generally regarded to be an Class A a-hole. Spieth is the opposite.
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    Okaaaay, here we go, Jordan goes for his career grand slam for the first time, needing only this PGA to close the deal. McIlroy is the favorite, having won two PGA tournaments at this course (neither win the "PGA Championship" tournament).

    This is Jordan's "win for the career slam" tournament, McIlroy lacks a Master's, Mickelson lacks the U.S. Open for theirs.

    (sidebar tweet at the leaderboard link above --- I don't know how to bring that in to this BBS...):

    Jason Sobel, ESPN: "Jordan Spieth warming up at the short game area. About to walk away. Decides to hit one final chip. Holes it."
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    This is awesome. Probably it will take more than one try but it makes must-see golf for we Spieth fans.
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    Jordan starting out a bit iffy, about 4 strokes back from the leaders.

    What's making this fun also, is the "career grand slam" competition among 3 active players, Mickelson (missing the U.S. Open), McIlroy (missing the Masters), and Spieth (missing the PGA).

    Five golfers have completed at least one career slam (no one has ever Grand Slammed --- won all 4 in one golf season), Sarazen (1, in the '30s), Hogan (1, in the '50s), Player (1, finally winning the U.S. Open in '65), and of course Nicklaus and Tiger winning 3 career slams each, with Tiger achieving a "Tiger Slam" of winning all 4 majors in a row, but not in the same year.

    Sadly, Palmer never won the PGA, so did not achieve the career grand slam. Nor did Tom Watson win the PGA, nor Lee Trevino the Masters.

    But now we've got 3 pros with 3 different majors under their belts, Lefty, Rory, and Jordan.

    Not to take anything away from Tiger, his run was awesome, but for a while it was kind of like Tiger, ..... and all the rest.

    Now we've got some balance in competition.

    Fun stuff.

    As Texanne posted earlier about Spieth: "He makes me care about golf."

    These 3 golfers (and others chewing on their dust) make me care about golf.
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    This. Tiger made golf relevant for me but great competition makes me care even more. Same with other sports. It's fun to watch Golden State demolish the field, but I remember watching Lakers Celtics (Kobe and Pierce) far more intensely. There are better examples but the great competition made the sport greater.
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    (fixed it for me, a bit earlier, same thing)
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    Yeah, another dueling decade of great competition.




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    Pars, 3 bogies, 2 birdies, looking too far back now to catch the leaders for this one.

    And yeah, he makes it look easy doesn't he?
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    Thanks for posting this> I could not get his score.
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    Piggybacking on this thread, but Spieth's NC winning teammate, Dylan Fritteli, is doing well at The Open Championship.

    Ironically, Fritteli won his first PGA Tour event last week at the same one Spieth won his, The John Deere Classic.

    Fritteli made the winning putt and point in the NC match that Texas won.

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    Jordan still hasn't found the "IT" that he had a few years ago---shooting 2 over so far today (front 9) in the final round of a major. Hope he does find "IT" again...
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    Took my daughter and her cousin to the BMW Championship at Medinah yesterday. Took a video, it's too large, but Jordan gives my daughter his golf ball walking off 11 green. I have a pic of the girls posing with the ball with Jordan on 12 fairway, but my iPhone makes it an HEIC file, and I'll be damned if I can't figure out how to post it.
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    Ask your daughter. I bet she knows.
    We are waiting for the pic .
    Very cool :hookem:
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    Thanks. I figured out how to convert to JPEG, then the damn pic is too large!
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    Sounds like @Dionysus needs to upgrade the servers.
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    Yes, let's get it together, @Dionysus. ;)
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    The servers are fine. Upload limit is a tradeoff for performance.

    The pics that come out of modern cameras are really big, and if we uploaded them at full size the page loading would take much longer and slow the site down for everyone while the huge image downloads—not a good experience. That’s not a server issue, it’s a network issue.

    Solution: PCs and Macs have basic image editing programs installed. All you need to do is open the image and scale it down to about 800 pixels width, save it, and upload. This will give you a good size image for uploading and not choke the network.

    Anyone who needs help with this can PM me and I’ll be happy to help.
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    Thanks @Dionysus, looks like that worked. Jordan way back on fairway there. IMG_6519.jpg
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