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Discussion in 'West Mall' started by Statalyzer, Mar 24, 2023.

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    1. POS gate agent calls police because someone asked him if she could take a different flight.

    2. Multiple POS Austin PD officers arrest someone for trespassing who is in an airport with a valid ticket.

    3. Multiple POS Travis County Jail officers commit physical and sexual assault and theft on an deaf lady who had violated no law. A lawsuit isn't enough. There should criminal charges for these abusers.

    4. At this point it takes dozens of POS's for not a single one of them to provide basic medical care to a clearly injured 71 year old. As a friend of mine who was in the army and has been in combat pointed out regarding a similar incident "We took better care of our enemies who had been trying to kill us moments before".

    At no point in this whole process was there a single "good apple" whatsoever among anyone she encountered, yet I'm constantly told that 99% of them are such. It doesn't add up.
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  2. Chop

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    I hope she wins $10 million + from them.
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    I don’t understand why she was arrested at the airport. What was her behavior?
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    This will be an interesting thread because this board is usually very reluctant to believe the one sided media depiction of a story. They are pretty anti-police, so while this may be actually how this occurred, we don't really know.

    Having a very close relative who is deaf, I am very sympathetic and empathetic to this situation. However, again, it is funny to see here and some wise crack in other threads already about how terrible the police are here based on the media depiction.

    It says there is video, but I didn't see it.
  6. theiioftx

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    I hope there is more to the story. Sounds very bizarre.
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    Also stick them with elderly abuse.
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    Obviously looks bad. I can't imagine a scenario worth arresting a 71 year old woman, but since an airline employee called the police on her, we're missing what her behavior was. The jailer breaking her arm isn't going to get very far with why that had to occur.
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