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    Longhorn NFL retired numbers:
    Tommy Nobis - Atlanta Falcons #60
    Stan Mauldin - Arizona Cardinals #77
    Bobby Layne - Detroit Lions #22
    Earl Campbell - Tennessee Titans (Houston Oilers) #34

    Longhorns in the NFL Hall of Fame:
    Bobby Layne
    Earl Campbell
    Tom Landry
    Tex Schramm
    Bobby Dillon

    Things that I think need to happen:
    Tommy Nobis belongs in the HOF
    The Green Bay Packers need to retire Dillon's #44

    Also, if you don't know the Stan Mauldin story, you should read up on it.
    Stan Mauldin - Wikipedia
    Stan Mauldin- 1967 The History of Longhorn Sports
    100 Things Cardinals Fans Should Know and Do Before They Die
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    Puppy dog Madden, the gift that just keeps failing you

    A number of people have gotten paid by The University, but there has never been a bigger waste of cash than his paycheck. He took stellar HS athletes and turned them into SOFT unemployables
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    Justin Tucker should be in the Hall of Fame once he's eligible, even given the general hesitance against inducing kickers and punters. By most measurements he's in the conversation for greatest kicker in history.

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