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    I've been out a while and wanted to chime in. This was an incredible recruiting season. We're young and talented with a bright future.

    Just one request to Charlie. How about you just leave the offense to our new OC and the new offensive coaches and you put all your effort in helping Vance get that talented defense tearing it up.

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    I agree with letting Gilbert run the offense and was thinking about the end of half or game situations. If on offense, does Charlie call the time-outs or does he leave that to Gilbert and Sullivan, I mean Gilbert and Mattox.
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    Huh, out when ERRBODY was happening? Where are your priorities?
    Actually it was not because Charlie was getting involved or anything that the O was bad. He just had the wrong guys coaching the O, and they were not all on the same page either. Actually there were times when I wished he had got involved early enough, as multiple cooks were spoiling the food. He should have perhaps fired a cook or two earlier as well. Anyway, it is all in the past. I don't think we have to worry that Charlie will get involved and mess anything up. His direct involvement will only be on the D side, which is where his heart is. If the new OC is not stubborn and knows what he is doing, he will let him do his thing and we will be just fine.
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    I know right? I actually was lurking yesterday but I couldn't log in.

    I meant that defense is in Charlie's blood so he can help focus on making the def better than last year and I trust this new coaching staff on Offense. As far as Game Day goes Charlie needs to focus on the whole team when making decision with advice from the OC and DC or making quick decisions when he has too. I was more talking about Charlie helping make the defense the best he can so they will be ready for game day.

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