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    A crew of flight attendants spent the night at an airport hotel across the country from their home. One was a blonde, one was a brunette, and one was a redhead. The next morning, the redhead and brunette arrived at the gate on time to work the flight back home. They urgently called the hotel desk who transferred them to the blonde’s room. “Why aren’t you here? The flight is leaving soon and you’ll be in trouble!” The blonde, hysterically exclaimed: “I can’t get out of my hotel room. There are three doors. One is for the bathroom, the second is for the closet, and the third has a sign that says do not disturb.”
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    Are you kidding? I don't ever want to have to fly a 737. The Airbus is soooooo nice and easy compared to that relic.

    Plus, I'm 5 1/2 years in and a captain. Would have to start over and maybe never upgrade to captain before retirement in 12 1/2 years.

    I also know you were joking.

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    How did the Scotsman break the news to his Texas Longhorn daughter that her favorite player, WR Jake Smith, had transferred?

    "Ahhhhh lass,
    No Jakes"

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    So the prima donna new actress gave the movie director an earful as nothing was up to her lofty standards. She smarted off sarcastically to all the director's ideas and suggestions. The entire morning of filming was wasted. At lunch, the producer asked the director how the morning went with the new actress, to which the director replied:

    "All sass, no takes."

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    Since it's Arkansas week:

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