Juwan Mitchell Doubles Down...

Discussion in 'On The Field' started by LHABSOB, Jun 17, 2020.


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    I am getting tired head...

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    The fact that he only seems to think he is playing for the City of Austin and not the University of TEXAS says it all.

    He is from New Jersey and spent a year at community college out of state.... nothing irritates me more than people not from Texas coming here and then trying to poop on everything. He clearly could care less about our state, university, traditions or football team. Why is he even representing Texas? Transfer, please!
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    Okay I get players are speaking out and I am all for that but this is too much. I know for a fact there is another reason for him saying this besides everything going on because more people are with them than against them and I think they know that. So this has nothing to do with some bad fans talking on Twitter. This is also bad because we lack depth at the linebacker position so I hope someone talks to him and fixes this like they did with Anthony cook.
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    JuJu might be happier at another University of higher education that will appreciate his passion. If he transfers to Colorado, will he think he is playing for the city of Boulder?
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    Well if they are unable to talk him down and he does decide to leave there are some names in the portal who could possibly replace Mitchell. Him being one of them
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    Question. Juwan....
    Who or what says you are unequal in anyone's mind???
    Please please explain this......
    What a bunch of crap.
    And this is coming from someone who cares deeply for others; but to say you are somehow unequal at UT or less equal in Austin than anywhere else is patently false, imaginatively and patanoidly contrived, and wholly absurd.
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    Let him go. He has been here, gone, here, gone....talk about a head case. You are getting a free education and have yet to produce. You have been shown you are wanted on the team and by the team. If that is not enough, dont let the door hit on your way out. Next man up!
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    Maybe he ought to spend a year or two at Liberty U ... perhaps that would put UT/Austin in a more favorable light. (Maybe.)
    What It’s Like to Be Black at Liberty University
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    He’s just looking for attention. No need to tweet this. Transfer or don’t, but stop misrepresenting the university and its fans because you’re getting passed up on the depth chart, which is why you hit the portal in the first place. Such BS to insinuate that he’s a victim without explaining why, not to mention dismissing the fact that the people that matter in making changes, namely the UT president and AD, have been as professional and open-minded as anyone could ask for. This kid is a cancer and won’t find what he’s looking for anywhere else.
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    Also, who pissed in Crowder’s Cheerios? Guy has nothing but negative things to say on Twitter about the university all of a sudden. This bandwagon crap is getting old real quick. These guys are focused on compounding the problem instead of finding common ground.
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    4% of student population but 85% of football and basketball teams - BLACKS
    20% of student population but hardly any representation - Hispanics
    10% of student population buy 0% on the team --- Orientals
    40% of student population but only about 20% of team - WHITES
    He wanst equality ???? Yeah riiiiiight !!!!!!!!!!!
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    I went to his twitter feed and followed some of the comments. Man, they are going back 100 years to find racism. I agree it’s not constructive. They got plenty other current day issues to worry about.
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    "Do what’s right , never what’s liked"

    Attacking your own fans is amazingly lazy as they are about a soft a target as you can ever find (outside of your own parents/siblings).

    If you really want to 'do what's right,' then why not attack some of the more challenging issues of your own generation?
    -- per capita rate of pregnancy outside marriage, broken down by race
    -- per capita rate of pregnancy while of high school age (or younger), broken down by race
    -- high school graduation rate, broken down by race
    -- and, finally, the one that is definitely "not liked" and never supposed to be mentioned aloud - the per capita rate of violent crimes committed, broken down by race
    It is not that complicated -- If your real goal is to improve the lives of African-Americans, then this is the place to start.
    However, if your goal is simply to get attention on social media and improve your own individual situation, then just continue to ignore all these actually meaningful issues
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    They didn't voice an opinion. They made a "DO THIS OR ELSE" demand. So his assumption of being clear-minded on this is faulty. And the "OR ELSE" part is now taking place given his comment about not being comfortable playing for Texas. That Tweet will go to all the recruits. They gave the university until the start of the season. It didn't take long to go back on that.
  16. RainH2burntO

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    Been waiting for you all week.
    You almost missed the whole party.
    Thought I was about to have to go over to recruiting and blow it up with a west mall carpet bombing.
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    The sooner he realizes football is expendable entertainment the better off he'll be. These athletes may have endured very difficult times BEFORE they arrived here, but now on campus they have a great lifestyle...treated like football gods because they made it to the pinnacle program in a state where football is king. Talking about what they've experienced is one thing, but holding the university hostage for invalid BS talking points now is absolutely not right. They should be proud of what they've overcome to get here and talk about what it took to do that. Don't play the victim card to the university because you have it better than anyone else on campus.
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    And people keep talking about statues and the song....but their request for the University to break ties w APD and campus police is the real tell here.
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    Is that right? I hadn't heard or read about that.
  20. RainH2burntO

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    I keep saying this and even posted a couple links where I read it....but no one is talking about it and I cant personally verify it.
    It wasnt sone crazy internet source....they were legitimate "publications "
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    All I know is in my day you couldn't spell stupid without UTPD.....I'd say they might be expendable.
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    In the end, it may just be that The University say's, "We will take down the statues and names but that's it. We hope you will play football and earn an education here. Otherwise, good luck."

    My prediction if they mean business is that the HBC's might get a lot of new players that they formerly would not have, unless the "white" schools cave in to all their demands.
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    Sorry, I missed it. Can you repost?

    Pretty please?
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    I fell like, racial debate aside, we're also getting a nice, big dose of self-centered, Millenial ********.

    "I said my piece and, wait, what?, some people disagree with me?!?! How can this happen? I said it and I think it. It's just not FAIR!!!"
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    I was thinking about how important football really is and maybe it's not. It's like when the Grintch stole the Roast Beast. The Who's sang and were happy anyway.

    Be true to your school.

    If that's what is really important then we're going to find out. Longhorn pride does not have to be about sports. I know many people who are very happy they have that parchment on their wall because in the end, that degree is what helps them day to day; not five home games.

    My son is 23 years old and doesn't care about team sports AT ALL. Neither do any of his friends. This could be a seminal moment where we see the young generation not even caring one way or the other about what the school does because if the penalty involves football then they might not even be aware of the controversy surrounding it.

    In my view, all team sports that involve big money are sweating out the loss of the "America's Pasttime" or hero worship that drove fan interest.

    It's also back to be true to your school. If loyalty is the driver then why would they cheer on people they believe hate the school?
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  26. RainH2burntO

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    Oh yeah....I'm all for this^^^^^
    The school and many other things over sport. I'm down w it.
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    Re: Cutting ties with APD

    I wonder if LeBron James, Pop or Steve Kerr want to cut ties with China. I guess not because they aren't oppressing them. It doesn't matter if they are oppressing others.
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    Most telling of his words to me are “People who want to create change, don’t care how .......... or any bad outcomes that may happen.”

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