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    In the T.V. series “the Mad Men,” the marketing guru Don Draper is trying to procure an advertising contract for a new unnamed gadget. After Don’s presentation was complete, “Mad Men” won the Kodak contract, and the device was given a name- THE CAROUSEL.

    In the video below, Don Draper defines the Carousel as a nostalgic photo time machine that creates a

    “twinge in your heart for more powerful than memory alone .”

    You can go to the 1:20 mark to listen to the marketing pitch. . It is a great video that will touch your burnt orange heart.

    This video delivers a profound message. Most special memories reside in the heart. While our memory may forget a special moment, our heart never does. The photos in the Kodak carousel are the trigger that nudges the memory into recall.

    One of TLSN’s 501 (c) (3) missions is to capture Longhorn sports Carousel moments residing in your heart to share with posterityKODAK CAROUSEL.jpg

    There are several memories from twinge in the heart memories shared by Longhorn fans at


    If you choose, please email your Longhorn sports memories in text and jpeg format to Please also share your personal photo so readers can associate your story with your imageheart (1).jpg
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    Favorite TV show ever!

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