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Discussion in 'On The Field' started by mstrat, Oct 30, 2009.

  1. mstrat

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    Obviously he had his off field incident. Mack says he was being held out a few weeks ago due to an injury. No mention of him returning. Has Mack effectively benched him for the remainder of the season?
  2. txhorn2010

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    I'm almost positive I saw him on kick off coverage against Missouri. Maybe I'm wrong
  3. dusthorn

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    I for sure saw him on one play. I think it was a kickoff. I guess someone else could have been wearing his jersey because I can't find any mention of him in the game stats.
  4. Benson32

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    He played against Mizzou, saw him jawing off on the sidelines.
  5. Texas Taps

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    He did play last Saturday
  6. South Austin

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    What everyone else said.
  7. Ignatius

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    I think he played last weekend...
  8. Jim Bob

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    I saw him jawing too. Seems like the guy has already caused himself enough trouble this year. A flag for unsportsmanlike conduct would look pretty stupid.
  9. Fievel121

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    Remind me, What was his off-field thing?
  10. GHoward

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    punched a guy after a pickup basketball game. The guy pressed charges. Everyone here call Vaccaro dumb for losing his cool, and the other guy a homo for calling the cops.
  11. Whiterock Horn

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    Reminds me of a John Hagy incident from 1984. That went nowhere. Neither will the charges against Vacaro.
  12. majorwhiteapples

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  13. Sugarpunk

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    Kenny put the smack down on some West Coast, law school, gymrat choad. That's my summarization.

    I also saw him covering at least one kick in the Mizzou game.
  14. bassale47

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    He is well on his way to becoming the next Robert Killebrew. Mack needs to get a handle on that. Aggression is one thing. Taking it to the level of a personal foul every 30 seconds is quite another.
  15. naphan

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    How many personal fouls does he have this season?
  16. torre

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    I do not condone his transgressions, but the following article is presented to the hornfans jury in his defense. Hopefully, Muschamp and Akina will develop him on and off the field.
    The Link
  17. Sugarpunk

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    Just to be clear, I'm a Kenny Vaccaro fan, Brother. I think he'll adapt to the expectations attached to being a UT athlete just fine. One incident certainly does not define him. I hope and expect that he will take away the proper life lessons from this dust up. There's no reason to start fretting unless or until he demonstrates a pattern. I personally do not think that is going to happen.

    BTW, I enjoyed the article. Thanks.
  18. XOVER

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    Here's my thoughts on Kenny based on the opinions of some folks I know in Brownwood.

    Kenny needs a mentor. Now.

    The better Kenny plays, the more he needs a mentor. Kenny's issues will likely complicate with on-field success.

    I hope Texas can get Kenny's mind under control. How quickly will Kenny Vaccaro mature?
  19. D70Horn

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    GHoward, the homo dude who pressed charges did Vaccaro a favor. When hotheads smash homos in the face, sometimes homos' heads get bashed in, and felonies ensue!
  20. Orangesweat

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  21. The Gnome Man

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    if people punched law students (and lawyers) whenever it was deserved, we would have a very violent society. I mean who hasn't wanted to punch a lawyer from time to time, but to this point, I've always been able to restrain myself.

    Next thing you know the guy will be punching Aggies, and we can't really do that. If we punched all the Aggies, who would give me dog his parvo booster.
  22. honkinhorn

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    I don't remember any personal fouls on Vacaro, and certainly not several flagrant fouls at bad times like has happened to certain players in the past. I also don't see the point of suggesting something like that, or that he needs to get his aggression under control for what happened in the gym. I think a large proportion of the population would have reacted the same way as he did. He DOES need to learn that he's something of a public figure now and can't get away with the same things that John Q would. Just my two cents.
  23. homerX

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    off-field anger control issues + smack talking to the opposing sideline on his very first play back from a suspension = not good

    He'd be well served to shut his mouth and start taking care of business.... throughout his life.

    young man needs to grow up, hopefully with some better guidance.
  24. Sugarpunk

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    I have a history of middling restraint, at best, when it comes to punching aggy folk so who am I to judge?

    I think Kenny will be fine now that he has mentoring and guidance in the form of the UT football family. Call it a gut feeling.
  25. B

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    Law students aree among the most pompous, self-important, arrogant douche know-it-alls on the planet and I have no doubt that guy deserved a beating from Kenny. Kenny probably showed remarkable restraint in not beating him even worse.

    Once law students graduate and start practicing law, most realize they really don't know jack and then they become tolerable.
  26. Joe Fan

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  27. Horns11

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    King of sending 9-year-old posts ttt.
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  28. yelladawgdem

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    His performance against Oregon State in the 2012 Alamo Bowl is the stuff of legend. Good luck Big Man.

  29. Horn6721

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    The Saints made a mistake.
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  30. Statalyzer

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    I just remember Alex Okafor doing his best Suh-in-the-2009-Big12-Title-Game impersonation on their poor QB.

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