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Discussion in 'Around Austin' started by Stuck_At_Work, Nov 17, 2009.

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    You guys turned me onto Ken's tacos a couple years ago and now I'm completely hooked. I still love places that offer fancy tacos (ie.Taco Deli), but I don't think I've ever had a better no-frills taco than what I get at Ken's. There is also not a better deal in Austin. For $3.50 I get a gigantic taco and a large soda. I used to get 2 tacos out of habit (who just eats 1 taco, right?)... but I soon realized that 2 of these monsters was just too much.

    The area is pretty sketchy, but one of the neatest parts of the experience is that it still attracts pretty much every demographic. You have white collar businessmen in suits sitting next to teenage mothers. Low income housewives in their hair nets sitting next to sorority girls. Bikers with weather beaten leather jackets proudly displaying their biker affiliation logos next to techie yuppies like me. Ok, I admit, I’ve only once seen a sorority type girl there… but you get the picture.

    Service is quick. They give you a squeeze bottle full of salsa so you can spice it up to your preference.... what more can a guy ask for in a taco place?

    Ok. That is all.
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    i concur. Good place.
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    We've been getting their breakfast tacos off & on for almost 20 years, dating from their earlier location.

    Always solid.
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    Rundberg at Cameron Rd
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    Might want to check this opposing point of view, which I just ran across, before rushing to try them.

    I tried them once for breakfast tacos based on these ravings. Yes they were large and even more than that, HEAVY. Soon found out why they weighed so much...a massive amount of mashed potatoes. WTF...mashed potatoes in a breakfast taco??? Scooped out half the potatoes on the second one. Very strange incarnation of a breakfast taco.

    Haven't tried the regular taco myself.
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    It's pretty common to boil the potatoes (at least partially) beforehand. Then they will throw in on the grill with a little oil to fry it the rest of the way. IF they don't there is no way they could fry potatoes in a timely manner.
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    "Maria's Taco Express may make their own, but it's been a while since I had a breakfast taco from there so I can't recall"

    She makes her own.

    Taco Deli is some deliciousness for lunch...if they made their own tortillas I would probably not be able to stay away..

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