Kobe jumps over a car

Discussion in 'Men’s Basketball' started by baylorbear245, Apr 11, 2008.

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    It's fake dude. Similar to the commercials where Vick throws the football forever and Lebron hits the full court shots. Good commercial but no where close to being real.
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    That's a snazzy sweater Jordan is sporting.
  5. baylorbear245

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    they played it on ESPN so it had me fooled.
  6. Huckleberry

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    Do you realize how quickly the Lakers would slap a fine on Bryant if he seriously tried something like that?

    I'm assuming, of course, that there's a dangerous activities clause in Bryant's contract like there is in most athletes' deals.
  7. FondrenRoad

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    That's a straight rip off of the old Steve Francis commercial that had him jumping over a car in his first or second year. They took it off the air because they didn't want kids trying to copy it.
  8. Mr. Orange

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    Jordan should lose at least one of his MVP awards for being spotted in public wearing that outfit.
  9. MTF

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    The company making the advertisement better slap a warning on that video. You know somebody's going to try this at home.
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    Nice biomarketing
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    It's a damn good fake if it is. You can see Kobe's shadow on the body of the Aston as it drives by. If they faked it, I imagine the car is just to the right of him but is actually still there. Either way, theres a reason why you dont get to see the car coming.
  14. Fried JJ Pickles

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    I looked at it.

    Not fake.

    However the car is to the right of him. No complex special effects. Just fun with camera angles.
  15. Third Coast

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    Definitely a pretty good fake. The car drives right over the other shadow (light stantion?) immediately behind kobe.

    What makes it even more probable some kid will try to copy it is kobe saying "that is how you jump over an aston martin boys". He does add, "don't try this at home" ...as if all the junior skywalkers will heed that part.
  16. RockyBalboa

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    I say they leave the ad, and if anyone tries it, let Darwin take over.
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  18. Stuck_At_Work

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    When asked how he did it... Kobe's response was "Hollywood."

    However, I've seen YouTube videos of really dumb kids doing this in real life. It is beyond me.
  19. HenryGandorf

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    all those crazy athlete commercials are fake.
    The Link
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    aggy tried that with an SUV.
  21. Orange Salad Ranch

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    Sure the jump is fake, but Kobe acting like a complete douchebag is definitely real. Boy.
  22. hornsdude94

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    That Tiger Woods commercial is real. He did it on 60 minutes too.
  23. bozo_casanova

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    check out today's Statesman for the interview of KD. i notice that kobe is KD's favorite player in the league. even so, we have the authoritative word from KD that Kobe's jump was fake. glad we cleared that up.

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    Anyone remember the stunt guy who tried that on That's Incredible back in the seventies? The difference was that the sports car was going about 70mph. The top of the windshield clipped the dude's heel and it f'd him up pretty badly.
  27. TexasERod

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    Here is the video's first take, without the special effects: [​IMG]

    El Linko

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