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    Some good Kolache shops:

    West - Slocacek's, Czech Stop

    La Grange - Weikels (also in Brenham), there was also a good one called Das Kraut Haus that I don't believe is there anymore.

    Arlington - Kenner's Kolache Bakery

    On a related note: I've noticed that some Texas Czechs/Bohemians don't regard "Kolaches" with sausages in them to be real Kolaches--only the jelly, cheese and/or poppy seed kind are the genuine article. To the purists, sausage "Kolaches" are technically just "sausage rolls" or "pigs in a blanket", though just about all Kolache shops in Texas serve them along with the jelly/cheese/poppy seed type.
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    My mother in-law makes the best kolaches anywhere. They are from 100+ year old recipes handed down in the family. Sadly neither my wife nor my sister in law care to make them and my MIL will not give the recipes/techniques to me so from our side it dies, but a couple of her sisters passed it down to their kids. The biggest differences is most kolache bread is wrong and the fillings are squeezed from a bag. Everything in these are from scratch so when she makes them she makes a LOT and freezes them.
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  3. Vol Horn 4 Life

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    Bingo. There are no meat filled kolaches....those are wraps.
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    That's what I've discovered. Although a lot of these donut shops owned by people who are clearly not Czech/Bohemian (or even German) sure do like to label pigs-in-a-blanket as 'Kolaches.'
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    That's the thing about good Kolaches: the real Kolache bread is unique and has a great texture and flavor that no other pastry can mimic. That, and the interesting cheese sprinkled/dusted on top of the jelly.:yes:

    If this art is ever lost in Texas, I suppose we'll have to smuggle in some new Czech immigrants who can make the good Kolache bread.

    And here's an interesting Czech girl-band playing (bad) US country music. Best looking fiddler I've ever seen though ...
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  7. Chop

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    Well, knowing the general public's pronunciation skills, it's no wonder they are often just labeled as 'sausage rolls' or 'pigs-in-a-blanket.'

    I personally don't care so much what they're called. I'll just take a hot one and spread some spicy mustard on it for a delicacy that beats any hot dog all to smithereens. IMHO, Slovacek's in West is a real stand out in the "Klobasniki" department.
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  8. Vol Horn 4 Life

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    I can't stand the Asian owned donut shops who sell a "sausage kolace" but it's just a regular hot dog in a bread roll. :puke:
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    Is Slovacek's the one that used to be in town either as also a smokehouse or attached to one? We used to head there as not as many people knew about it so was less crowded that Czech Stop and you could pick up some summer sausage, etc while there.
  10. Chop

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    I've only known Slovacek's since it's been on the I35 access/feeder road. They definitely have some good sausage products as well as Kolaches. They have a perfect location and they put in that dog park and place for kids to run around. All that, and a large number of gas pumps brings in plenty of new customers. I hit it on every trip to Austin.
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    My daughter makes a point of stopping at Hruska's in Ellinger (SH 71) whenever she's on the road between UT and the Houston area. (And she's gotten me in that habit, too. I'm not an authority on Kolaches and Klobasneks, but I think they are pretty decent. The place is always busy.)
  12. Vol Horn 4 Life

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    Yes, they are good. My wife's family is from Columbus and we stop there every time we visit.

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