Kris Boyd caught tweeting during halftime

Discussion in 'On The Field' started by arieshorn, Oct 3, 2015.

  1. arieshorn

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  2. Garmel

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    Strong has lost the team. What more can be said?
  3. OrangeShogun

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    While I really like Boyd's athletic ability and moxie, it seems his attitude needs some work.
  4. lakewaybevo

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    He needs to be kicked off the team.
  5. georgecostanza

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    If you followed his recruitment, you would know Boyd is a prima donna. To say he lost the team because of a Kris Boyd tweet is an overreaction.
  6. dukesteer

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    Notwithstanding any discussion about Boyd's maturity, let's not blame the messenger. An argument could be made that if Strong hasn't lost the team, he appears to be headed in that direction. While I am not thrilled by Boyd's behavior, that is not the issue here.
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  7. dalhorn1

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    If you're Strong, would you:

    a) kick him off the team and let him transfer
    b) keep him on the team, bench him and let him rot on the depth chart
    c) let him transfer, but block him from going to any other in-state school?
  8. nashhorn

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    Bench him, let him rot or grow up, whichever comes first.
  9. BevoJoe

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    In the presser Strong said he had not heard about Boyd being on his phone.
  10. dukesteer

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    Boyd is a symptom. He is not the problem.
  11. dukesteer

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    Fix the problem and Boyd will not be retweeting, nor will other players -- players that have said nothing -- not be having second thoughts about coming to Texas.
  12. easy

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  13. -Texas-

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    The problem is that you can't prevent a player from transferring to another in-state school. This is not the NFL. More housecleaning is definitely in order though.
  14. 2003TexasGrad

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    Ive never played football, but where was Boyd hiding his phone so as to have access to it during halftime? How would he even have it?
  15. I_Dont_Exist

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    His locker?
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  16. 2003TexasGrad

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    So these guys go into the lockerroom and are allowed to go rummaging in their lockers? Halftime isnt very long. I thought they went straight to making adjustments.
  17. ViperHorn

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    They usually get a short breather while the coaches meet to decide what adjustments to make. This does not reflect well on the coaches however.
  18. zork

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    This is a symptom of the last recruiting period. The new way of the world. The players should be focusing on playing but once committed they should be focused on what it will take for them to help the team. Drama is the thing. They sure made Boynkin look good though.
  19. shaggy refuge

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    What adjustments have you ever seen from this staff? Oh I know! A 19 play, yards of dust, zero point drive. FML!
  20. BevoJoe

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    In his locker.
  21. BevoJoe

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    Makes you wonder what they are doing in there doesn't it.
  22. No le hace

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    The problem is not the players, it's the guy we're paying 5 mil for on the job training!
  23. Clean

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    He had plenty of time to play on his phone because no adjustments were necessary because the defense was so stellar.
  24. baoklhorn

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    Vaughan needs to emulate the qualties and methods of one Duane Akina.
  25. Statalyzer

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    Does he think we'd miss him if he left? big 12 receivers might miss him though...
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  26. Joe Fan

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