KU takes another hit

Discussion in 'Men’s Basketball' started by BabHorn, Feb 8, 2019.

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    I hope everything turns out OK with Vick's family, but pardon me if I cannot work up any sympathy for the Jayhawk team's misfortune.
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    They weren't great before, but now I'm wondering if they'll make it past the first round of the tourney.
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    NO way, I don't believe it!!
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    Man, the ncaa must be really mad at Kansas. Northeast county Kansas(or Montana, or Idaho, or some such) College should be very nervous. They are about to get hit with some serious sanctions because of the anger at KU.
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    Crap, and I thought he was going to be their new small forward.
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    No fizzle my shizzle
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    How can a school, facing all the infractions Kansas is facing, let this happen?
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    I think anger is normal. The arrogance of these big-time programs is obvious. The NCAA folks (as unsympathetic as they may be to a lot of people) are just human beings. And when they are attacked by people they know to be guilty it eventually gets to them. They want to nail them. Hard. Right up on the wall.
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    I went to ACL Fest last weekend down here in the great city of Austin, Texas. I was watching Mumford and Son's but had to cut it short to meet up with my daughter. As we were leaving we had the unfortunate "opportunity" to hear Cardi B. What trash. It was the absolute worst gutter level, pole-dancing, twerking, slutty, profane trash. I'm no prude and acknowledge I enjoyed listening to Robert Plant singing about way down inside and the juice going down my leg, but this is so bad.

    And there were so many young white girls screaming during the show. :(
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    dude, we all know this is about lemons!

    no more metaphors and allusions. just straight up crass and language

    here's a description of David Wilcox describing lyrics that open like a gift wrapped present before he sings about wildberry pie (which was not about food)...

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