KU's dominance in the big 12

Discussion in 'Men’s Basketball' started by adUTleander, Mar 14, 2010.

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    This is obviously something everybody was aware of before today, including myself, but i guess i never realized the level of their dominance until today.

    I saw a stat on ESPN that said since the big 12 was formed in 1996, KU has won the big 12 regular season title 10 times (7 times outright, and 3 times they shared it), won the big 12 tournament championship 7 times, and during 6 different seasons they won both the regular season and tournament championship (apparently this has only been done 12 times since 1996 by "BCS" conference teams, so that means KU is responsible for half of those).

    I hate KU basketball just as much as the next person, but i just had to take note of these stats. This is unbelievable to me. So i had to ask myself the question....Since 1996, what other collegiate feats are comparable to this as far as dominating a conference. The only one i can think of is USC's football dominance in the pac 10, so if theres one that im forgetting about please let me know. I havent followed Texas baseball for very long, and without doing the research that could very well be another one, but other than that i can't think of one. Texas has a legitimate rival in OU for winning the big 12 every year in football, but these stats would indicate KU has absolutely no rival like that in basketball.
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    I don't hate ku...I respect the hell out of them. Their dominance is much more impressive than USC's football run because big 12 basketball is better than pac 10 football, as a whole. Also, ku hasn't (that i'm aware of) cheated to get where they are.

    I hate losing to them year after year, and I'm flat-out disgusted with our team right now. I don't see us reaching and maintaining that level under barnes, unless he changes his philosophy.
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    They are dominant that is for sure. They play in a football conference and have 2 great coaches during this stretch.

    Imagine if Texas football were playing in the Big East conference and how dominant Texas would be year in and year out.
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    "The Big XII North is weak - we need to realign the conference".

    Spoken by a true, one-sport mind.
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    they have had 3 great coaches. Brown (MNC), Williams and Self (MNC). They have tremendous fan support which gives them a huge home game advanatage. They can recruit and know what to do with those recruits. Much of their success has been with a very weak Big 12 Basketball, That has changed with the recent success of Baylor, Aggy and K State. OU gave them some problems when Sampson won a couple of Big 12 titles and OSU won one. I don't guess I will ever see us win the tourney in my lifetime.
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    UCONN women's bball.
    I don't get how anyone could hate KU bball. Seems to be the classiest program around. Texas doesn't know how to do basketball, from the product on the court to our lame *** fans in our lame *** bball facility.
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    I think Ronnie Chalmers should get some of the credit for KU basketball's success. Sure, he is no longer the head of basketball operations. But he really took the organization to the next level, and his legacy lives on.
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    I lived in Lawrence for 12 years and had to live with KU dominance in basketball the entirety of my stay there. Williams is a great coach but like Self (and almost all North division coaches) resented TEXAS coming into the Big 12. Self is much more a bench whinner than Roy was/is.

    Few native Kansans actually play for the Jayhawks---which is a testimony to their recruitment prowess. Allen Fieldhouse is the most intimidating venue in college basketball bar none. The fans are just incredibly passionate. Kstate fans are just plain obnoxious (yes I lived through many Horn football meltdowns in Manhattan---not pretty).

    But I'm glad as bierce pointed out that the program and players aren't without dirt.

    We have never won in Lawrence but had two great chances (tj/kd) and big leads blown. I hate that futility.

    When Mangino accused us of buying a win (vince's run) all Jayhawks' venom for the Horns in all sports reared its ugly head. I didn't hear much respect or admiration voiced for our UT athletic programs. Suffice it to say, I'm happy to be back home in Austin [​IMG]
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    And in nearly every instance, there are players sitting out for misbehavior. I don't think the stuff in Lawrence is of any order of magnitude greater than is found elsewhere (with the possible exception of turf rivalry between basketball and football programs). The seeming lack of disciplinary measures is notable, however.
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    joe---sorry for that wording. Williams was at the helm when Big 12 was formed. Self has actually said some positive stuff about Texas basketball...but its easy to be magnanimous when you are always winning!
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