Lacedarius Dunn arrested, suspended indefinitely

Discussion in 'Men’s Basketball' started by bierce, Oct 5, 2010.

  1. bierce

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    Alleged to have broken his girlfriend's jaw with a punch to the face.

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    Edit: Victim's father says victim told him it was an accident.

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  2. Longhorny630

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    Mmmm....would the victim's father feel that way if his daughter's baby daddy wasn't about to make millions and millions of dollars?
  3. bierce

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    Victim's lawyer making it sound not so accidental, saying hte victim said Dunn was "stressed about school, basketball, and graduating." Victim needed plates on both sides of her jaw and 14 screws.
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  4. utstudboy

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    On the episodes of COPS that I have watched, the vicitim does not get to decide whether prosecution goes forward or not.
  5. bierce

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    Same in Texas, but the prosecution has a hard time with a case if the victim doesn't cooperate.

    There are some limited circumstances in which a complaining witness's out of court statements can get into evidence, but an alert defense attorney will usually get nearly everything thrown out on confrontation clause grounds if the witness doesn't appear in court. The state can always go get the sheriff to drag a witness to court, but it is usually reluctant to do so with complaining witnesses.

    In this case there will be the additional problem of whether the state can prove the injuries constitute "serious bodily injury" as defined in the Penal Code. If the witness doesn't testify that she can't talk or that she has to eat through a straw or has some other impairment or disfigurement to her jaw, mouth, or face, then this might have to be treated as a simple misdemeanor assault, as weird as that might sound. It's still an assault, and it's still a family violence thing, so a future simple assault in a family or dating relationship context would be a felony.
  6. South Austin

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    I will have tons of respect for Scott Drew when he suspends Dunn for Baylor's first six games (Midwestern State, Grambling, La Salle, Jackson State, Lipscomp, and Prairie View A&M). By the time Dunn takes the court for Baylor's sixth game (Arizona State), I think he will have learned his lesson.
  7. bierce

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    Hey, wait a minute,you might want to revisit that honor-making suspension. You do realize Lipscomb lost to UA on a buzzer beater in OT last year in Tucson, don't you?
  8. HatDaddy

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    Watch out for the MSU Indians. They are no joke in their division.
  9. Third Coast

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    I hope papa got something in writing.
  10. Texasjeremy

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    Didn't Jason Klotz basically do the same thing a few years ago and only got a 4 game suspension? Should the suspension be longer if the player is better?
  11. starchild

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    if ANYONE thinks this was an accident, then he or she is a complete moron. if it was an accident, then SURELY he would have accompanied her to the hospital because it was just an accident, and he felt terrible about it!!! right??? drew will do what drew does, and no one will be surprised.
  12. Texasjeremy

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    Baylor usually feels like they need to overpunish because they are a private school. Thats not right, either. They should punish like other schools do. Klotz only got 4 games for the same thing, so maybe thats what Dunn deserves, but its hard to believe Baylor would give him less than 10 games.
  13. 2003TexasGrad

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    Did Klotz break his gf's jaw???
  14. Uninformed

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    jeremy got it from a Baylor site:The Link
  15. Sangre Naranjada

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  16. bierce

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    Actually, it's a bordeline case. There are several opinions from the courts of appeals and the Court of Criminal Appeals that a temporary injury correctable by surgery does not consitute serious bodily injury. "Serious bodily injury" is actually a pretty high standard. It is defined as "bodily injury that creates a substantial risk of death or that causes death, serious permanent disfigurement, or protracted loss or impairment of the function of any bodily member or organ." Texas Penal Code sec. 1.07(a)(46).

    Without the victim testifying that she can't eat or talk right, there is no impairment. If the injury is such that she requires the plates after the bones heal, you probably show the permanent or protracted impairment. Termporary conditions fixed by surgery generally don't get the prosecutor there.
  17. EJC+1

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    I would say that there's a major problem with what the victim said in her affidavit in the hospital vs. what she's now saying in public.

    Also, if this was just an "accident." then surely Dunn would've accompanied her to the hospital.

    Personally, I think Dunn is in deep doo-doo. Baylor U has a high moral code of conduct and isn't likely to let this one slide since there's probably more to this story than meets the eye. If anything, this thing will be tied up with legal proceedings for awhile. Dunn is most likely not going to have enough credits to be eligible the 2nd semester if he doesn't take any classes the 1st semester.
  18. Sangre Naranjada

    Sangre Naranjada Winebibber

    Thanks for the clarification, bierce. Her temporary impairment is obvious, but permanent impairment, at this time, is not.
  19. bierce

    bierce 1,000+ Posts

    Actually, I was a bit sloppy in my explanation--it's permanent disfigurement or protracted loss or impairment. Impairment doesn't have to be permanent. Still, the cases say the need for surgery alone doesn't meet the standard, and without evidence showing protracted post-surgical impairment, it isn't serious bodily injury.
  20. l00p

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    If Baylor was so high and moral they would have never gotten Bliss or Drew. ****, I am not a college administrator and I knew Bliss was bad news just by having family in New Mexico. There were things going on which indicated he was a bit scummy. I don't buy what they are trying to sell about ethics. Hypocrites.
  21. Touchdown

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    Trust me. The Baylor administration knows NOTHING about athletics and that is how they wound up with Bliss and Drew.

    Don't even mention Steele. What a joke.
  22. PropositionJoe

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    looks like baylor has lifted lace's university suspension.

    not sure what that means for his basketball status, but as of now he's allowed to be in school.
  23. accuratehorn

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    What is wrong with so many women who allow this conduct to go unpunished and go right back with the perpetrator of the abuse?
    I had a neighbor knock on the door a year or so ago, whose boyfriend had hit her, and she was shaking, and brought her two kids inside. A neighbor across the street had seen the incident and called police. The girl wouldn't talk to the police, waied until the guy left, and sure enough, I see his car over there a couple of days later, and afterwards. I don't get it, I really don't.
  24. muschyD

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    Dunn is allowed to practice now. Next step is allowing him to play in an actual game.

  25. Statalyzer

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