Lam Jones very ill

Discussion in 'Prayer Requests' started by Punt on 1st Down, Oct 10, 2005.

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    God bless him!!![​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]
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    [​IMG] Get well soon Longhorn
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    Once at the Texas Relays they had a special 100M field set up, with star sprinters. Lam won in what appeared on the scoreboard clock to be a world record. It was 9.8 or something. Then, they decided the time was unofficial for some reason and went to hand times, which were 9.9 or something, not a record. Anyway, I'll always remember that.
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    I remember watching him at a USA-USSR junior track meet. Absolutely amazing.
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    Brian Jones had Lam on his podcast last week, so I suspect the hospitalization is a recent thing. They did talk about the fact that he has been having some health problems.

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    Hang in there Lam.

    I wasn't old enough to see that anchor leg in the State track meet, but I knew/know a lot of people who did and the way they have always talked about it with such reverance it has gone down in Texas athletics lore.

    They say he ran the Hill Country relays in Mason with bells on his shoes.

    Probably the fastest guy ever to attend this school.
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    Fastest Horn ever, with a gold medal earned at the '76 Olympics in Montreal in the 4X100.
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    Does anyone know what is wrong with Lam? How about the hospital he is in? Can we start an online "get well card" that can be delivered to Johny? Man, we have to let him know that Longhorn nation is praying for him, and that he will never be forgotten. Let's make this happen.
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    God bless you, Johnny!

    I am praying for you. [​IMG]
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    Sad news indeed. Best wishes to him and his family.
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    [​IMG] I looked up to him. He was one of my heroes. The era with Ham, Lam and Jam Jones was special. Godspeed
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    Lets do a card from all of Hornfans.
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  17. my prayers are with him.. really hoping he can come through this. [​IMG]
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    God Bless Johnny "Lam".
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    I remember Lampasas scrimmaged us (McCallum) in his senior year; I was impressed that coach Royal was here at a HS scrimmage. I think Lam ran an 8.95 or 9.0 100 yard dash (yeah, we used to have the 100 yard dash) but it was later figured wind-aided. I used to see him on campus a lot as we were both freshmen that year, and he was one of the most impressive looking athletes in street clothes I've ever seen. Graceful.

    I went to the Rice game that year, in Houston, and it was a joke. Toss the ball to Lam, beat the man to the corner and turn upfield. (I think maybe Raymond Clayborn was the other halfback.)
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    Get well soon Johnny [​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]
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    wishing comfort to Johnny Lam [​IMG]
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    I was at that state track meet that year and couldn't believe what I was seeing. Johnny Lam is truly a Longhorn Legend!!

    Get well soon Lam!!
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    Lam,Ham and Jam. Great memories.
    Get Well Johnny Lam. The Longhorn Family is pulling for you and you are in our hearts and prayers. See you at the Rose Bowl. We are out to slay some Trojans. [​IMG]
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    Get well soon. [​IMG]
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    Get well Lam - thanks for the wonderful memories of UT football you created!
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    Johnny Lam was and is special. A one of a kind athlete and a great person as well. Our best wishes to you, Lam!

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