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Discussion in 'In The Stands' started by Texas Taps, Dec 30, 2007.

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    If he would actually put forth effort in practice rather than acting like a entitled baby he would get better and the coaches would play him more. He and Money Bennett are both lazy POS in practice and get what they deserve in gametime: Not much activity.

    It will interesting to see how they work out next year with Sherman. He will not put up with their bs antics.
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    Well, Bennett ain't gonna' be there next year anyway.
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    Tastes like sad, Michael.
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    I hope someone posts the aftermath once Lane was caught crying by the camera. He was acting like a petulant little *****, yelling at teammates, etc. Even the sideline reporter commented on how she was surprised he didn't take off his jersey and leave the field.
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    Burger King told him they're no longer serving the whopper. WHOPPER FREAKOUT
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    Well done everyone...bravo..bravo... [​IMG]

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    Hmmmm. Let's review aggy logic, shall we? (And yeah, I know, aggy logic is an oxymoron.)

    Colt getting carried off the field, practically unable to move due to a painful neck stinger earns him the nickname "Cart McCry".

    Lane sitting on the bench crying like a prissy little ***** because he didn't get the football on 4th and 1 means he has heart and soul.

    Go figure. It's your world, ags. And I'm glad I'm not living in it.
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    somebody must have left the sideline mic open and picked up this conversation.

    Jtrain video
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    You're only in your early 20s, but you are morbidly obese already. You're an aggy. The coach who enabled your over eating and unhealthy life recently got fired. The interim coach isn't letting you chow ranch dipped corn dogs at halftime. The incoming coach is going to make you actually run, eat less ranch dressing and not feed you Lil' Debbies anymore. You're morbidly obese and an aggy.

    Sounds like reason enough for a good cry to me.
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    The funny thing is that the aggy are trying to claim that he is a leader because of it. What kind of leader is 50 pounds overweight, cries when he is not on the field, then proceeds to yell at his teammates before the game is even over and is being such a baby that a sideline commentator thinks he is going to take off his jersey and leave.
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    That dude is unstable.
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    Someone please tell the J-Train that Joe Paterno is NOT on his deathbed. I was sad too, but apparently it was just a joke.
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    when he was arguing with #10, as he walked away in that one scene, lane barked some stuffed and capped it off with "**** you nigga!"

    I wonder what old army thinks about that?

    They probably didn't see it.
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    I remember watching the Texas High School All-Star Game with one of my high school coaches. Lane starts throwing his helmet, acting a fool on the sidelines. My coach turns to me and says, "If I was his High School coach I would have jumped out of the stands and whipped his *** for acting like that."
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    I think Patrick Swayze should play the role of Lane in the movie version.
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    Wasn't it earlier in the 4th or maybe the late third when we was stopped for a lose on a another short yardage play? May have been in the later 3rd qtr. I think it was the safety (#9) who pretty much drug him down my himself after Lane ran in to his own O lineman.

    It would have been outstanding if he had pulled his jersey off and walked off the field.
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    Interesting Ag logic. I guess Ryan Leaf was just showing off his "leadership" skills. Remember that soldier that General Patton slapped? That crying soldier was must have been one of our greatest "leaders" in military history. My two year old daughter exhibits the same "leadership" every afternoon before she goes down for her nap. Maybe Lane just needs a nap.
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    Code Blue for Longhorn Lawyer.
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    that video was nice [​IMG]
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    there is an inevitable photoshop here. can't believe we've reached 4 pages without it.

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