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Discussion in 'West Mall' started by Statalyzer, Oct 5, 2018.

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    Short version of what happened: LaQuan McDonald was shot by a police officer. Several officers in the incident agreed to lie about it. But there was Video proved that they had all lied, and so the PD tried their best to prevent the video from being used. The PD also managed to abuse its power in other ways to dodge proper investigation of the incident (e.g. the officers were initially all questioned together instead of separately after being allowed time alone to get their fake stories straight). The officer who fired the shots - a man who also may have previously been involved in cover-ups of shootings other than this one - was just convicted of murder, and this is the reaction of the Illinois Fraternal Order of Police:

    Disgusting. Aren't they supposed to be part of the "rule of law", and isn't part of that rule of law a trial by a jury of one's peers? There was nothing sham about that whatsoever - but it would have been a sham had they gotten their way and had the video proof held back from the jury. The other law enforcement officers in America ought to have nothing to worry about from this case (possibly others, but not this one). If you are part of upholding the law, don't try and subvert the law by getting together and lying about a legal situation. Oh, and don't repeatedly shoot a man in the back who is lying on the ground - getting convicted of doing this and then comparing the conviction to a stab in the back is repulsive.
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    Good to know the IFOP has bought into tribalism. And in turn, has eroded trust of the police even further than the cop who committed murder and the others who attempted the cover up.
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    I was at ACL Fest yesterday. David Byrne covered a song by a Janelle Monae (who will be playing on Sunday I believe). He said that she sang the song at the Women's March in DC which drew a positive reaction. The song is called Hell You Talmabout.

    This is the exact version I heard yesterday:

    There is a "say his name" section and Michael Brown is in there. This is the Left. Brown was murdered. They refuse to consider any other possibility. How do you come together when we cannot be more nuanced?

    At the same time, I agree that the police unions (irony) are a big problem in regulating their own.
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    The danger is that Police Departments are very insular. Understandably, they feel about each other as brothers in arms. But the less they identify with the community they serve the less effectively they will police. And when they defend criminals within the department it alienates the community from them. That is what has happened in many poorer neighborhoods. They have to purposefully reach out to be a part of the community and not its opponent.
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    I suppose if you bury a couple of your brothers it can cause that sort of thing. That's the psychological problem. Underpaid, underappreciated and at risk of losing your life the next time you pull someone over. Does it mean they should get away with aggressive use of force? No. We have to have the courage to analyze it and punish those who are hiding behind a badge and endangering the public. I've thought about it quite a bit. I get the seige mentality. I know some cops. It's a different world to them and yes, they profile. They track tendencies in their job (whether statistically or experience) just like many of us do in other ways. They are supposed to be trained but not firing until being fired upon is a tough job. Look at what just happened yesterday; some nut shot seven cops and one is dead probably because the couldn't get to him in time because they were being fired upon. So how does that department feel today?
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    I understand this, but two points are worth noting. First, the police department is an agency that has the power and broad authorization to use violent force against private citizens. Somebody has to do it, and they deserve respect. However, corruption simply can't be tolerated. There's too much at stake and too much potential for horrific abuse.

    Second, this kind of story gives credibility and ammunition to Black Lives Matter and other groups who have bad intentions and harmful ambitions. When they claim that the police are corrupt and dirty, it gets harder to discredit them when the police act corrupt and dirty like this.
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    This is the Chicago police? Anybody here familiar with their history? It is Chicago, folks, and it has been like this forever. Are we to believe the city of the Daley’s et al have a police force even a little bit clean? It’s like Lot and Sodom, there may be a few good men, but.........
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    bystander, your response illustrates my point. Further alienation from the populace will escalate tension which just leads to more violence on both sides.

    I never said the police have an easy job and I never said they don't have reasons to feel close camaraderie.
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    You're welcome! Ha... yeah, that is why they need to have some oversight so the insular environment doesn't prevent needed investigations.

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